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CTE StudentIt’s been said that today’s schools must prepare students to take on jobs that don’t yet exist, while using technologies that haven’t yet been invented, in order to solve 21st century problems that haven’t yet emerged. Through its Career Technology Education (CTE) Support Services department, SCOE supports the development and integration of a continuum of CTE activities that prepare students for their 21st century futures.

News & Announcements

Electric Vehicle Partnership Earns Recognition
SCOE's innovative partnership with Sonoma Clean Power, SWITCH Vehicles and the CTE Foundation to roll out up to 10 electric vehicle kits to local middle and high school classrooms was once again highlighted in this article on Sonoma Clean Power. Sonoma Clean Power was recently awarded a local philanthropy award for this and other efforts.

Sonoma County Project Based Learning in the News
Students make sausage A recent article in the Press Democrat recently highlighted a high school program where students build their own sausage-making companies. It grew out of the C^3: Integrated Project Based Learning Institute run by SCOE's CTE Support Services Department. The project included raising hogs. One student said, "We got really good experience working with the pigs. We learned responsibility and how to take care of them."

Celebrating CTE Month
CTE Month Award GivenRepresentatives from SCOE, CTE Students from Maria Carrillo, Piner and Windsor high schools, and the CTE Foundation recently received a Gold Resolution from the Board of Supervisors declaring February as CTE Month.

PBL initiative featured in local newspaper
c3web.png This February article in the Press Democrat featured SCOE's efforts to bring project-based learning, PBL, into local classrooms with collaboration from Sonoma County industries. Specifically, it featured SCOE's sixth-annual C^3 Institute, where teaching teams came together to develop meaningful projects for their students that solve real-world problems.

Supporting diverse career tracks
Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.30.52 PM.png(Educators) have heard the laments of industry folks that they’re really struggling to find a skilled workforce, that they’ve been clamoring for more and more young people to explore a variety of different skills, and types of careers,” said Stephen Jackson, director of career technical education at the Sonoma County Office of Education, in this Press Democrat article about a high school culinary program that will soon feature a food truck.

CTE encourages student entrepreneurs
CTEpic"They’re not sitting in rows, in desks with their heads down, hoodies on and their ear buds in. They’re actually engaged," said Career Pathways Coach Anna Koval of a recent student "Shark Tank" event held at Windsor High School. About 100 students participated, pitching their business ideas to local investors. Learn More.

CTE Boosts Student Outcomes AND Business Profits
CTE Pic“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most of us have pondered that question. While many of us had a vague idea of what we might want to do — veterinarian, fireman, teacher or nurse — we probably received very little guidance from our secondary school educators. It’s time we changed this paradigm.

This is the beginning of a an informative and inspiring editorial on the power of Career Technical Education by SCOE CTE Director Stephen Jackson and CTE Foundation Executive Director Kathy Goodacre.

Learn about a partnership bringing electric vehicles to Sonoma County schools.
Archbishop Hanna High School is one of the schools The CTE Foundation chose through a competitive grant-making process to receive one of four SWITCH Lab Kits in 2016. The kit provides curriculum and components for building a street legal electric vehicle, thus giving students a real world application for their coursework in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students are also exposed to concepts in Electricity, Alternative Fuels, Manufacturing, Science, Automotive Technology, and Clean Energy Generation while working through Common Core requirements. Read More or visit the CTE Foundation's Facebook page.

NCCPA Entering its third year of implementation of a California Career Pathways Trust Grant
This six-county initiative is continuing to support strong integrated career pathways from high school through Community College. Key developments include Early College Credit opportunities for high school pathway students, WBL opportunities, and guidance including the development of a Northern California Work Based Learning Manual and expanded industry partnerships with major corporations such as Sun Power and Kaiser Permanente. Check out the NCCPA’s website at NCCPA Website

Description of CTE Support Services
With the realignment of Career Technical Education funding and program operations to districts, SCOE is offering a wide range of CTE Support Services (pdf) to enhance the development and implementation of high-quality CTE programs that meet district goals. Please review our new menu of services and contact us if we can be of assistance.