Sonoma County Office of Education

Career Technical Education

High School Program Support

SCOE provides support and service to Sonoma County high schools and districts as they design and implement CTE programs at their sites. Specifically, the CTE Support Services department:

  • Supports CTE course development in local high schools
  • Assists sites in securing UC approval of CTE courses
  • Coordinates articulation between high school and post-secondary programs
  • Connects schools with industry partners
  • Facilitates the countywide Work-Ready Certificate program
  • Helps schools secure work-based learning opportunities for students
  • Provides professional development for CTE educators

Additional information about these services is provided below.

Areas of Support

Articulation Agreements
SCOE works closely with post-secondary institutions and has obtained articulation agreements for 20 high school CTE courses. CTE specialists are available to work with districts to align their programs with these agreements or seek agreements for other programs.

High School Career Pathways to SRJC
Sonoma County Articulation Agreements

CTE Course Development
SCOE specialists are available to provide comprehensive assistance to schools and districts that are developing CTE courses and programs of study. This collaborative service can include initial research and gathering of industry input, design of learning objectives, development of course outlines, identification of student outcomes, and/or recommendation for instructional materials. In supporting the development of CTE courses, SCOE helps ensure that content is aligned with the Common Core Standards, CTE Model Curriculum Standards, and current industry expectations.

Common Core Standards
CTE Course Outlines
CTE Model Curriculum Standards

Industry Connections
Quality CTE programs need strong industry support to engage students in authentic and relevant learning. SCOE staff are available to work with schools and districts to connect with local industry partners. An existing structure of industry advisory committees, jointly coordinated by SRJC and SCOE, is one avenue for connecting with industry. SCOE can also help schools provide opportunities for students to earn industry certifications and ensure that their CTE programs are aligned with current economic and workforce trends.

Industry Certifications
Economic Outlook Information

Integrated Career Pathway Development & Support
SCOE offers coaching and support to build and enhance career pathways that integrate Career Technical Education and core academic courses as Integrated Career Pathways. Instructional coaching for integrated curriculum development and instruction is available, as well as support and assistance in securing industry participation in the integrated pathways.

Professional Development
SCOE offers a range of focused professional development for CTE teachers. Professional development classes, meetings by industry area, meetings with advisory groups, customized support, and events for teachers and students are among the available options.

CTE-Focused Professional Development & Events

UC Approval for CTE Courses
SCOE has secured University of California “a-g” approval for a number of CTE courses and can assist districts seeking approval for their programs. Districts may implement existing UC-approved courses or work with SCOE to obtain approval of district-specific programs.

UC Approved CTE Courses in Sonoma County

Work-Ready CertificateWork-Ready Certification
SCOE coordinates a Work-Ready Certificate program designed to ensure that young people have the skills required to begin work. Students in the program create a portfolio demonstrating their workplace skills and attitudes, then enlist the help of adults in verifying those attributes. The program includes an oral interview with local business leaders and online assessments of customer service and technology skills. Students access the program through their CTE courses or youth-serving community organizations such as Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Chop’s Teen Club, Sonoma Teen Services, and Ceres Community Project.

Work-Based Learning
SCOE has connections with over 200 businesses and organizations that provide work-based learning experiences. Staff are available to work with schools that want to add or expand the work-based learning opportunities they offer students through their CTE programs.

Work-Based Learning Overview


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  • Chuck Wade, CTE Program Coordinator
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