Sonoma County Office of Education

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Raspberry Pi Coding Contest

Raspberry Pi symbolThe Sonoma County Office of Education hosts a Raspberry Pi Coding Contest where high school aged students are challenged to use low-cost ($35) credit card sized computers, Raspberry Piís, to design and create.

Event Details

Who: Students in grades 9-12
When: Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where: Sonoma County Office of Education

Getting Started

Excellent online resources to guide learning about Raspberry Pi's include: Raspberry Pi | Adafruit | Tinker Nut.

Raspberry Pi Coding Contest Awards

Each team will be recognized for their entry in this year's event. In addition, the following awards will be offered based on the judgment of a multidisciplinary team from education and industry:

  • Grand Prize Award-- A trophy for the entry that best represents the spirit of the event demonstrating excellence in teamwork, mechanical design, programming, and performance.

  • Genius Programmer Award- Awarded to the entry that demonstrates the best use of programming in their project.

  • Social Impact Award- Awarded to the entry which best addresses social and/or environmental needs in a school setting from the perspective of the judges.

  • McGyver Award- Awarded to the entry best demonstrating solid mechanical design and function.

Contest entries will be judged using this criteria along with others specific to the 2017 event:

  • Cost- does not exceed $400; contestants need to display a chart or spreadsheet with itemized elements & costs for their entry

  • Aesthetically pleasing- the device compliments the environment where it resides; the art of human design is manifested by creators

  • Programming- a flow chart and description of the program(s) are offered to help others replicate the product at their sites

  • Coding Elegance- Continued work with a successful program to simplify and organize processes for others to see and understand; documented work establishing 'elegance'

  • Inspiration- the project inspires others to be makers with Raspberry Pi elements