Sonoma County Office of Education

Math Project

Math Institutes

One of the purposes of the California Math Project is to foster leadership in mathematics education throughout the North Coast. Through its math institutes, CMP:NC supports the major shifts in mathematics instruction outlined in the Common Core State Standards, strengthens the content knowledge of teachers, and enhances their ability to effectively implement the standards.

The math institutes also offer an opportunity to build mathematics leadership through a learning sequence: participant, intern, co-facilitator, and facilitator. At each stage, teachers develop skills sets and understandings that help prepare them for leadership roles.

Descriptors of the institutes are provided below.

  • Mathematical Practices (K–HS)
    Participants deepen their understanding of the Common Core mathematical practice standards to support the learning of all students. This institute is available through the Digital Chalkboard website.

  • From Counting to Understanding Algorithms (K–2)
    Participants build understanding of counting, addition, and subtraction along with levels of strategies, word problem types, literature, and effective practice.

  • Fractions from a Number Line Approach (3–5)
    Understanding of fractions is enhanced by emphasizing the role of fractions as numbers and developing conceptual understanding of the four operations used with and by fractions.

  • Modeling (K–8)
    To support students in becoming proficient in modeling with mathematics, teachers are provided with pedagogical strategies, such as cognitively complex mathematical tasks, multiple representations, questioning techniques, and planning lessons.

  • Transformational Geometry (MS–HS)
    The Common Core Standards expect mathematically proficient geometry students to experiment, explain, prove, visualize, understand, derive, and translate between representations. Participants learn strategies to help students demonstrate geometric habits of mind and become proficient in the Standards of Mathematical Practice.

  • Modeling Content (HS)
    The process of beginning with a situation and gaining understanding about it is generally referred to as “modeling.” This institute focuses on building understanding from the use of mathematics and the process known as mathematical modeling.

  • Statistics (Grade 5–HS)
    To reinforce the notion that statistics impacts all aspects of our lives, we must understand what statistics do and do not tell us. Participants engage in the process of statistics and how it intertwines with the mathematical practices with EL emphasis, other domains, and other content areas.