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Response to Intervention (RTI)

National Center on Response to Intervention
This website is a gold mine of information, downloads, webinars, and much more. It’s one to bookmark for future reference.

RTI Action Network
Sponsored by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the RTI Action Network has all kinds of practical resources and tools, which are conveniently divided into the pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school domains.

State Models

Iowa's RTI Model: Instructional Decision Making
Under the direction of Dr. Dave Tilly and colleagues, Iowa’s Heartland Area Education Agency has been a leader in RTI with over ten years of implementation experience. This site has all kinds of practical materials for “instructional decision-making,” which is a framework that draws heavily on practices related to Response to Intervention.

Florida's RTI Model: Problem Solving and Response to Intervention
This project, a collaboration between the Florida Department of Education and University of South Florida, is home to one of the nation’s most comprehensive and successful RTI implementations, which operates under the direction of Dr. George Batsche.

Interview with Mike Vanderwood

Researcher Mike Vanderwood, PhD, from the University of California-Riverside, has been involved in a pilot project to implement Response to Intervention (RTI) concepts in Sonoma County schools. This following series of videos presents a March 2009 interview with Dr. Vanderwood conducted by John Namkung, who was the director of the Sonoma County SELPA until his retirement in June 2009. They begin their discussion by reviewing the basic premise of RTI, then delve deeper into frequently asked questions regarding this school reform initiative.

Dr. Mike Vanderwood

Mike Vanderwood Interview: Dr. Vanderwood discusses the basic idea behind RTI and its key components: screening, intervention, and progress monitoring.


Interview with Dr. Vanderwood

Frequently Asked Questions about RTI: The interview with Dr. Vanderwood continues with his answers to common questions about RTI. First, how is screening implemented?


Next ... What interventions work? How do we ensure fidelity in interventions? How does RTI shift the intervention focus? | Video

What is the relationship between special education and RTI? What role does the student study team play in RTI? How does RTI differ from other school reform efforts? | Video

How is RTI implemented in middle/high school? How is RTI implemented in subjects other than reading? How long does it take to put RTI in place? | Video

Do we have to spend more money to implement RTI? What is the most misunderstood aspect of RTI? What is the most challenging aspect of RTI? | Video

Other Resources

Center on Instruction: RTI Research and Practice Guides
The US Department of Education's Institute for Education Sciences supports ongoing research on many topics, including RTI. Of particular interest is the detailed RTI practice guide, Assisting Students Struggling with Reading: Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tier Intervention in the Primary Grades.

DIBELS Data System
Many RTI elementary schools use DIBELS, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills, as a significant part of their assessment system. There is also a companion site, Dynamic Measurement Group (DMG), that is worth exploring.

Florida Center for Reading Research
This is a fabulous site for free downloadable support materials tied to the DIBELS assessments, objective evaluations of intervention programs, and much more.

International Reading Association (IRA)
The IRA site offers a selection of RTI-related information, from overview and position papers to scholarly articles in their flagship journal, Reading Research Quarterly.

IRIS Center: Free Online Professional Development
Vanderbilt University's IRIS Center has a wealth of professional development materials available for free in discrete training modules, including many on RTI.

National Association of School Psychologists
The National Association of School Psychologists’ Resources by Topic page cites a number of articles and provides links addressing RTI, including Response to Intervention: A Primer for Parents (pdf).

National Association of State Directors of
Special Education (NASDSE), RTI Project

The Association’s Response to Intervention project was developed to provide the special education community with detailed information about RTI.

Reading Research Quarterly, RTI Issue (Volume 14, Number 1)
This issue of the International Reading Association’s Reading Research Quarterly provides access to articles about RTI from 2006. All of the articles are good; the Fuchs & Fuchs and Gersten & Dimino ones are particularly helpful – and they’re free.

RTI Wire
Jim Wright’s fine site, RTI Wire, has useful intervention-related resources and plenty on Response to Intervention. Jim is a practicing special education administrator and his site is especially practical.

Special EDge (CalSTAT), Winter-Spring 2006 Newsletter (pdf)
The lead article, Response to Intervention: An Overview, is a very readable introduction to RTI, explaining who, what, why, and how.

What Works Clearinghouse
This is an essential site for vetting interventions according to the basic rules of science. It is a kind of "consumer reports" for educators.