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Synopsys-Sonoma County Science Fair

Synopsys-Sonoma County Science FairThe Synopsys–Sonoma County Science Fair gives grade 6-12 students the opportunity to study a topic of interest and apply their scientific knowledge to a real-life question. Students participate in the Science Fair by creating a project individually or in a group of two or three students.

Projects are as varied as the students themselves and can focus on areas of biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy, behavioral science, general science, health and human biology, mathematics, agricultural sciences, environmental science, earth and planetary science, cognitive sciences, and electronics-electromagnetism.

On the day of the Science Fair, students present their projects to the judges. Local scientists, businesspeople, teachers, and others serve as judges and interact with students about their projects.

This Year’s Event

Synopsys–Sonoma County Science Fair
March 1, 2014
Sonoma State University
Agenda and Map (pdf)
Post-Event Press Release

San Francisco Bay Area Science Fair
March 25-27, 2014 | Website

California State Science Fair
April 28-29, 2014 | Website

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Prior Year Events

New Research: Just What are the Benefits of Science Projects? (link)
Post-Event Press Release, 2013 (pdf)
Student Project Summaries, 2012 (pdf)
27 students earn Science Fair blue ribbon awards in 2012 (pdf)

Balloon Man

Sonoma County Science Fair | Feb 2011 | Over 100 students participated in this year’s Science Fair. Teams of scientists and engineers interviewed students and judged projects.



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