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Five-Minute Film Festival Entries

Five-Minute Film Festival Entries

Festival LogoThis year, SCOE hosted its third annual Five-Minute Film Festival. This was an opportunity for K-12 students to demonstrate learning in a 21st century context and showcase their work in front of a community audience. To participate, students created short videos (up to five-minutes long) on the theme of “Discovery” and submitted them to a SCOE for judging by a celebrity panel. The top 15 films debuted at the Festival on April 3.

All 15 films screened at the April viewing are shown below, with the winning films highlighted first. You can use the Search box, above right, to search for a specific film.

Judge-Selected Winners

Grades K-5
"The Discovery in the Grove" | Johnna and Heather Schubert, 2nd and 5th Grade | Oak Grove Elementary

Grades 6-8
"The Peculiar World of Arnold James" | Henry Brown and Eddy Munoz, 6th Grade | Altimira Middle School

High School
"We Love You No Matter What" | Andy Huey and Evan Mason-White, 11th Grade | Santa Rosa High School

Audience Choice Winner

"A Better Place - A Movie About the Importance of Insects"

By Oak Grove Elementary Second Graders:
Gracie Ascoop, Catcher Bettinelli, Dylan Brown, Darby Diaz, Leo Ducker, Syon Gabriel, James Gannon, Declan Goodson, Hollie Hemphill, Aidyn Johnson, Tomas McCarthy, Matthew Medina, Rosalie Morris, Michael Morrissy, Hannah Perry, Elaine Pitts, Olive Rich, Marshall Saneholtz, Willow Tomiser, Oona VanSlambrouck

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The Peculiar World of Arnold James
By Henry Brown Eddy Munoz
Grade 6, Altimira Middle School
The Walk
By Fiona Gmeiner, Miette Marshall, Annabelle Stuelpe
Grade 7, Kenilworth Junior High
Walking to Health
By Alexander Northey
Grade 4, Oak Grove Elementary
We Have the Light
By Evan Mason-White
Grade 11, Santa Rosa High
We Love You No Matter What
By Andy Huey and Evan Mason-White
Grade 11, Santa Rosa High
What I Lost
By Rachel Cohen, Adrian Contreras, Jonah Gonzales, View All...
Grade 6, Twin Hills
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