Sonoma County Office of Education

Summer Institute

The SCOE Summer Institute is an opportunity for school district teams to come together over three days to learn alongside one another and think deeply about transforming learning experiences for students in their systems. The Summer Institute employs an experiential, learn-by-doing approach that will allow educators to step into the role of learners as they explore new methods for tackling persistent problems of practice. Visit the website for information and to apply.

About the 2020 Summer Institute

​ The theme for the 2020 Summer Institute was "DISRUPT 2020." The rapid transition to remote teaching and learning due to COVID19 dramatically disrupted schooling at an unprecedented scale and speed. In response, students, teachers, parents and caregivers have overcome a multitude of learning obstacles with a commitment to innovation and iteration. DISRUPT 2020 provided over 50 unique virtual sessions to support educators at all levels to reimagine what’s necessary and possible for TK-12 education as they navigate these unprecedented times. To learn more, visit


Questions may be directed to:

  • Dan Blake, Managing Director, Educational Support Services