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Ancient Egypt

Mr. Donn’s Ancient History: Egypt
Teachers will love the comprehensive list of curriculum resources on this site! Mr. Donn and his wife are teachers and their website is full of classroom ideas, lesson plans, and full curriculum units, as well as general information for students and teachers. Ancient history resources cover general sites as well as specific civilizations. Egypt curriculum units and lesson plans include a variety of WebQuests, simulations, and interactive units. In addition to curriculum resources, general resources for Ancient Egypt are identified as well as specific resources for the Nile, Mummies, King Tut, the pyramids, and the Sphinx. Mr. Donn’s Pages cover many other history-social science subjects, literature connections, and more. Content is excellent and award-winning; navigation can be a little challenging and it is sometimes difficult to return to pages you know you've seen.

Ancient Egypt
The State Information Service Department in Egypt is behind this site featuring a section of Ancient Egypt resources among other Egypt information and resources. The life of Ancient Egyptians is extensively explored through categories that include: Inside the Temples, Carefree Childhood, Immortality through Art, Education, Learning in Ancient Egypt, Marriage, Standing of Women, Dress, and more. Photos, history, and other information on the pyramids and the Sphinx are also part of the Ancient Egypt section.

Odyssey World Trek: Egypt Lessons
World Trek is an Internet-based project sharing the experiences of a small group of young people as they visit diverse people and cultures in countries around the world. These eight interactive lessons on Egypt complement the group's Egypt trek. Each lesson identifies Internet resources for students to use to meet lesson objectives. Students will enjoy reviewing Egypt Trek highlights including photos and firsthand accounts from trekkers supplemented by interviews with “experts,” discussion groups, and more. Topics cover many issues relevant to ancient civilization and are designed to complement National Education Standards, critical issues, and other educational themes.

British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Explore Ancient Egypt Daily Life, Geography, Gods and Goddesses, Mummification, Pharaohs, Pyramids, Time, Trades, and Writing. Each of these sections shares information in a story, allows further exploration featuring museum artifacts, and challenges students with multimedia games or activities. The Staff Room provides teachers with an outline of each section. The mummification section is particularly detailed.