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Documenting the Community Response to the Wildfires

Author: Matt O'Donnell
Published: 10.18.17

Sonoma County has been hit hard by devastating wildfires. The impact is far and wide where some lost homes, thousands were evacuated and toxic smoke filled the air.

It is times like these where the strength of a community is tested and Sonoma County has come together to support those in need. Many residents found themselves helping at shelters or donating funds or taking in evacuees. Still others offered free day care or rescue services for pets.

Many students are still out of school and parents are looking for meaningful activities for them to do. As you may know, the theme for this year’s Sonoma County Five Minute Film Festival is “community.” The wide-ranging stories of survival and help need to be documented to preserve the whole story of this transformative event in our county’s history. This is a great opportunity for student to film interviews of survivors, first responders and volunteers to tell the story of our community.

Students can edit and finish their films when they return to school but the documentation of stories of our community response should begin as soon as possible.  

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