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2016 SBAC Summative Test Administrator Supports

Author: Rick Phelan
Published: 02.26.16

CAASPP-SBACAs districts and schools prepare for the 2016 Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, district and site assessment coordinators need support materials to help prepare test proctors.  This blog post offers manuals, scripts, and videos to help support test administrators with 2016 Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments.

Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments can only be administered by individuals certified as test proctors. Eligible individuals include state-certified educators, paraprofessionals closely supervised by a state-certified educator, and substitute teachers. Prior to administering tests, Educational Testing Services recommends that individuals thoroughly review these materials:

The following materials may be also be used to support organized organized events or independent study activities:

2016 Test Administrator Training Slide Deck  Google Slides | PowerPoint
This slide deck was assembled using materials from the January 2016 CAASPP Educational Testing Services training.

Directions for SBAC Test Administration, including Proctor Script (PDF)
This PDF is excerpted from the 2016 CAASPP SBAC Online Test Administration manual- Section 10: Day of Test Administration.

2016 Class Activity Assignments  California | Sonoma County
Assignments for 2016 Smarter Balanced Summative Performance Task ‘Class Activity Assignments’ are offered here.  These activities are optional for 2016.

2016 Test Security Affidavit (PDF)
The 2016 Test Security Affidavit needs to be read and signed by Test Examiners, Test Administrators, Proctors, Translators, Scribes, and Any Other Person Having Access to CAASPP Tests. Site Coordinators have responsibility for collecting and storing these documents.

2016 Test Security & Incident Chart (PDF)
This chart shows test security incident levels and examples of types of issues. Reporting of incidents takes place through Security and Test Administration Incident and Reporting System (STAIRS) at the CAASPP Portal.

Smarter Balanced Training Modules

What is Computer Adaptive Testing? (Video)

Performance Task Overview (Video)

CAASPP Accessibility & Accommodations (Video)

CAASPP Pretest Workshop (Video)

Helpful Preparation Checklists

Test Administrator Checklist (PDF)

Site Coordinator Checklist (PDF)

LEA Coordinator Checklist (PDF)


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