Sonoma County Office of Education

CA Content Standards

Resources for Teachers

English-Language Arts & Literacy | Link

Mathematics | Link

College and Career Readiness
Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Guide (pdf)

Parent Communication
Do you want this to be said of your child? (pdf)
Parent Handbook (doc)
Parent Roadmaps, English Language Arts
Parent Roadmaps, Mathematics
Higher Mathematics, Traditional vs. Integrated (doc)

Materials in Spanish, from CISC
Common Core FAQ (pdf)
Common Core Overview, Two-Page Flier (pdf)
Parent Handbook (pdf)

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Tools for Students
These tools were developed by educational consultant Sue Beers and shared at the 2013 21st Century Institute at SCOE. Available as Word docs.
I’m Sure of It ... or Not
Learning Plan
Our Shared Learning
Planning My Learning
Questions in Search of Answers
Round Robin Ideas
Support It and Share It
The Viewpoint
Three by Three Research
Using Primary Sources
Working Together Rubric

Unit/Lesson Planning
Instructional Practice Guides, from Achieve the Core
K-2 ELA/Literacy (pdf)
Grades 3-5 ELA/Literacy (pdf)
Grades 6-12 ELA/Literacy (pdf)
K-8 Math (pdf)
High School Math (pdf)

21st Century Skill Integration
Anchor Standards and the 4Cs (doc)
Common Core & Arts Integration
Curriculum Snapshot for 21st Century Skills Unit Planning (doc)
Planning Instruction to Integrate 21st Century Skills (doc)
Tracking Integration of 21st Century Skills (doc)
Unit Plan Rubric for 21st Century Skills (doc)

Templates, Rubrics and Checklists
Common Core Aligned Lesson Plan Template (doc)
Math Lesson Design Template (doc)
Math Lesson Design Template, Short Version (doc)
Instructional Design Planner (doc)
Questions Aligned to the CCSS Standards, Template (doc)
Questions Aligned to the CCSS Standards, Examples (doc)
Reflecting on the Instructional Plan (doc)
Rubric for ELA/Literacy Lessons and Units, K-2 (pdf)
Rubric for ELA/Literacy Lessons and Units, 3-12 (pdf)
Rubric for Mathematics Lessons and Units (pdf)