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How to Design a Day of Effective Direct Instruction for Students with Significant Learning Needs

The design and implementation of instruction is the primary role of an effective teacher, who can impact student learning and success in the classroom. However, designing instruction that is effective and relevant for all students, when student ability and academic skills can vary widely, can be difficult! This workshop will present strategies for identifying how to group students for small group instruction, the important elements of direct instruction for all students, ideas for curriculum design, and tips for management and implementation of a well-designed educational day.

    Participants will:
  • Learn the critical elements of effect direct instruction for students at varying levels of support
  • Practice highly effective strategies for engaging all students in learning
  • Understand how to create and manage staff, students, and instruction
  • Create a plan for next steps in improving their classroom instruction practices

When Tuesday, December 11, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location Labath site: 5860 Labath Avenue, Rohnert Park
Presenter Tara Zomouse, M.Ed., BCBA, NCED, Behavior Analyst/Education Specialist
Cost $40.00
Audience Special Education teachers teaching SCD classes, Special Education administrators, and staff supporting instruction within the SCD classroom setting.
Registration Norma Leiva-Fernandez, (707) 524-2752,
Questions Andrea Wells, 7075242764,

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