Sonoma County Office of Education

Seeking Your Input to Help SCOE Become More Effective

02/11/2020 - Seeking Your Input to Help SCOE Become More Effective

We held a staff meeting in December to share that we will be using multiple measures to gauge our effectiveness as an organization. One way that we will be doing this is by measuring how we serve our own employees. We believe your insights can help ensure that SCOE is a great place to work. For this reason, we will be seeking your feedback in a first annual SCOE-wide employee engagement survey. Look for this survey in early March. Responses will be kept anonymous and only summary data will be provided back to the organization.

Since we believe that employee feedback will help strengthen SCOE both as an employer and as a service organization, we also want to offer an opportunity for one-on-one conversations. Your direct supervisor may also connect with you this spring for a check-in conversation. These conversations are an intentional way to make sure that all employees are being heard and help foster strong relationships between employees and managers. Thank you for sharing your input.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of both of these opportunities to have your voice heard. While these are two new approaches we are taking to gather employee feedback, employees are welcome to share their feedback and concerns with their supervisor and SCOE's leadership team as issues arise throughout the year.