Sonoma County Office of Education

Mental Wellness Resources for Staff and Families

05/21/2020 -

As we move through another week of Shelter in Place, this “New Normal” can leave us with feelings of being down, isolated, overwhelmed, and/or possibly anxious. SCOE has several health partners offering no cost resources to employees and their families.

Recorded webinars are a great way to get information which you can view on your schedule.

    li> Self-Care and Mental Wellness During Distance Learning created by SCOE staffers and is available through this LINK.
  1. Caring for the Education Community Webinar Series offers recorded webinars which are offered as a partnership between Kaiser, Sanford harmony, and Healthier Generation. Create a free account at . Be advised you will be asked to set up a free account. The recorded webinar series focuses on caring for the education community during COVID-19.
    1. li> Webinar 1: Navigating Uncertainty: Stress Management for Educators
    2. Webinar 2: How Families Can Partner with Schools During distance Learning
    3. Webinar 3: How Schools Can Partner with Families During Distance Learning
    4. Webinar 4: Comprehensive Self-Care for Educators
    5. Webinar 5: Finding Balance in Disorienting Times
    6. Webinar 6: Supporting Student Success through School Health Policy
  2. All employees have access St. Joseph’s Work Healthy Live Healthy updates and links to *30 minute webinars regardless of health insurance coverage.
    1. li>Newsletter sign-up link:
    2. COVID resources: 19-resources/.
  3. Anthem EAP, your employee assistance program, has resources which provide tools to strengthen emotional resilience and preparedness during this turbulent time.
    1. myStrength “The health club for your mind is available through the homepage.
    2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources link is located at the top of homepage.
      To access: Log onto
      Use company code SISC.
      Select seminar page or use the search feature to locate the latest webinars:.
      SISC - Best Practices for Working Remotely During COVID19 .

Articles tell us what to do, but apps help lead us and remind us to practice self-care every day. Kaiser members can access Calm and myStrength at no cost through

  • Calm — an app for meditation, mental resilience, and sleep
  • myStrength — an app to improve your awareness and adapt to life

A detailed list of mental wellness apps can be found on the UCSF psychiatry website at .

    li>Headspace: Two-week free trial for the general public. Offers a variety of meditation types, from guided meditation to sleep meditation, for both adults and children.
  • Stop, Breathe &; Think: Always free and for kids too.
  • UCLA Mindful App: Free and has meditation by Diana Winston.
  • Free health coaching sessions are being offered by Healthy Adventure Foundation through May 31, 2020.

    Email or call (619) 466-4386 to schedule your supportive coaching session.