Sonoma County Office of Education

Employee Spotlight: Jeanine Thibeau

07/31/2020 -

Name: Jeanine Thibeau
Years at SCOE: 2
Job Title: Internal Fiscal Services Analyst
How do you describe your job to people outside SCOE? My job is fast paced, service oriented, and involves areas of business services that range from managing the fiscal aspects of grants to overseeing payroll. I work closely with all the departments in SCOE helping, advising, auditing, and troubleshooting in the area of finance whether it's budgets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, position control, and more.
Where did you grow up? While I was born in Huntington Beach, CA, we moved to Kenwood when I was 8, so I consider Sonoma County my hometown.
Who was your favorite childhood teacher and why? In elementary school, two teachers stand out. My 1st grade teacher in Huntington Beach I think because of her personality and teaching skills. Also, my 6th grade teacher at Kenwood school. He encouraged me and allowed me to excel in learning, which I loved.
What is your favorite thing about SCOE? I love the people I work with in every department. Also, I have found so much support and encouragement from everyone here especially Elissa Alfano and Mary Downey.
What is one of your most memorable moments as a SCOE employee? I don't know that's it's a specific moment, but the welcoming, warm nature of the staff has been a standout for me.
Outside of work, what is your favorite hobby or way to unwind? Being outdoors; hiking, walking, especially going to the coast (I'm a bit biased towards our Sonoma County coastline over all the others I've been to). I am also an avid reader.
What is your favorite place in Sonoma County? The coast; any and all of our beaches, and the mountains especially the redwoods.
What might people be surprised to learn about you? There's probably a lot, but most people are surprised by the age of my kids, they're 32 and 29.