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Deferred Net Pay (DNP) forms due June 12

05/05/2015 - The DNP program allows employees who don’t work a 12-month year to spread their pay over 11 or 12 months. Employees who want to change their participation in the DNP program for next year must submit the appropriate paperwork by June 12.

  • Certificated managers must work at least five days during July in order to receive 12 paychecks. If you do not work five days in July, you are considered an 11-month employee and will receive 11 paychecks unless you participate in DNP. Participating in the DNP program allows you to receive a larger portion of your pay in your June 30 paycheck.
  • Non-management certificated employees are 10-month employees who normally receive checks from August to May. Participating in the DNP program distributes your pay from August to June. (You will not receive a July paycheck unless you work in an extended school year program.)
  • Classified employees who receive a small check in August and/or June are considered 11-month employees. You will have only one month’s net pay (approximately 8% each month) set aside for your DNP.

Employees who want to enroll in the DNP program or cancel their previous enrollment should complete the appropriate DNP form below and return it to Human Resources by June 12, 2015. Note that you do not need to complete a form unless you are initiating or canceling your participation status. If you were previously enrolled and do not want to change your status, you do not need to submit a form.

DNP Form for 10-month employees (doc)
DNP Form for 11-month employees (doc)

Certificated | Contact Susie Truelove, 524-2677 or
Classified | Contact Marlene Moore, 524-2679 or