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SCOE will be Changing Email Providers

11/22/2016 -

In an effort to provide the best and most versatile email service possible, SCOE will be migrating from Zimbra to Gmail this winter. This change is the result of SCOE’s Technology Use Committee, which includes representatives from each department, looking at various email options and considering which would best serve the needs of all our staff. The decision has been approved by Leadership.The migration will start in December with a group of "early adopters" while the majority of staff will migrate in January.

We expect the transition to be very smooth. All emails, contacts, and calendar items will be transferred by Information Technology (IT) from Zimbra to Gmail behind the scenes. This means there will be no email down time when you have to stay off Zimbra. IT and Tech Use Committee members will also be providing a number of trainings in advance of the transition. While change always poses some challenges, we are working hard to help all users be prepared for Gmail. Anyone comfortable with Zimbra will likely be able to learn Gmail very quickly, as there are many similarities.

In the weeks ahead, we will be sending out updates, reminders, and tips for the transition. For now, if you have questions or concerns, please see the below list of Tech Use Committee members and contact a member from your department or send your questions to Please do not reply directly to this email as the SCOE Announcements account is not checked frequently.

We also ask that you consider going through your email and deleting any unneeded/outdated content. This will make the migration process much faster for IT. See this sheet for ideas on the best ways to quickly clean up your inbox.

You can learn more about the migration process and access training and resources at this website.

The Technology Use Committee
Anne Layton, Administration |
Jamie Hansen, Administration |
Christina Marin, Alternative Education |
Bonnie Tanner, Business Services |
Sarah Wilmarth, CTE |
Stacie Post-Sheffer, ESS |
Hunter Ferrara, HR |
Daniel Bienkowski, IT |
Derek Ng, IT |
Bob Herbstman, IT |
Robin Horwinski, IT |
Sherry Navarro, NCSOE |
John Fischer, SELPA |
Norma Leiva-Fernandez, SELPA |
Debbie Rasmussen, Special Education |
Jan Frey, Special Education |