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Sonoma Leadership Network

The Sonoma Leadership Network, now in its eleventh year, brings together district teams to study and implement the research, best practices, and effective strategies used by high-performing, gap-closing schools. The goal of this initiative is systems change – creating urgency, intensity, coherence, and focus on student learning system-wide.

With meetings scheduled throughout the school year, the Network is an ongoing professional development opportunity for teams of district leaders, principals, and teacher-leaders. Each session is dedicated to the study and implementation of research-based strategies that improve student achievement and narrow the achievement gap. Participants will leave every session with tools, strategies, and protocols they can use immediately. Time for teams to create action plans and plan next steps for implementation is incorporated into each meeting.

2016-17 Network

The focus for the next two years:

  • Examine content and instruction through the lens of culturally responsive teaching.
  • Build students’ capacity to engage in rigorous conversation and increase their ability to be critical readers and writers.
  • Acquire culturally responsive concepts and techniques.
  • Design lessons using a modified lesson study model.
  • Examine implementations issues that support or hinder integration of culturally responsive teaching strategies.
  • Facilitated By:
    Zaretta Hammond

Meeting Schedule

Leadership Network sessions will accommodate K-12 school and/or district teams. There will be four person to person sessions in both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 school years. Between in person sessions, there will be virtual session, dates to be determined. All sessions are held from 8:30am to 3:30pm at SCOE. Number of team members is limited to 6-8 participants and must include at least one administrator. Depending on number of registrations received we may have to limit team size. To register your school, click the Intent to Participate Form.

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  • Connie Anderson, Event Planner
    (707) 524-2823,
  • Karen McGahey, Director, Leadership Development
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