Sonoma County Office of Education

Message Regarding False School Threats

03/01/2018 -

Following is a message to Sonoma County school districts regarding school safety and recent false threats, from County Superintendent Steve Herrington.

Dear Superintendents:

We are aware of an increased number of false threats following the Parkland school incident. If your school or district receives a threat, you should follow the protocol defined in your Board policy and school safety plan.

Please be advised we have been working for the last couple of weeks with the Sheriff's Department to do an awareness orientation on active shooter and intruder events on campus. This training will be available to all staff when it is confirmed. We are still working on the date when all resources can be coordinated. More information will be shared when details are confirmed.

In the meantime, please see this Active Shooter Pocket Guide developed by the Department of Homeland Security. We will make these pocket cards available to all personnel in the fall of 2018. Also attached is a one-sheet with tips for confronting campus violence.

Feel free to use these resources with your staff and be sure to check your school safety plans to make sure they are current and Board approved.