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SCOE to hold May 28 graduation ceremony

05/20/2014 - The Sonoma County Office of Education’s Alternative Education Program will hold graduation ceremonies beginning at 4:00pm on Wednesday, May 28, at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

The Class of 2014 includes 34 students who have completed the requirements for their high school diploma and eight who have passed the GED examination. Twenty-two of these students are expected to participate in the ceremony. Student Maria Victoria Romero Cuenca is scheduled to speak at the event.

Nine students will be recognized for receiving scholarships to continue their education. David Omar ARellano, Roberto Carlos Barrera, Keren Ruth Iversen, Luz Marisa D. Morales-Curiel, Crystal Reyes-Chavez, Alyssa Marie Righetti, and Maria Victoria Romero Cuenca will receive scholarships from the Sonoma County Board of Education. Jose Eduardo Herrera Cabrera will receive a scholarship from the Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools and Maria Victoria Romero Cuenca will receive a Redwood Empire Auxiliary League scholarship. The Peterson Attendance Scholarship will also be awarded to a graduate that concludes the year with outstanding attendance.

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) operates the Alternative Education Program to provide a supportive learning environment for 12- to 18-year-old students who are experiencing difficulties in traditional school settings or who are struggling with behavior patterns in school or the community. The program serves students who have been expelled from school, identified as habitually truant, placed on probation by the court, incarcerated, or otherwise referred by a school, district, probation, or social service agency. The program strives to provide students with the support they need to succeed in school. High school graduation is an especially significant achievement for these students.

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