Sonoma County Office of Education

Videos from symposium featuring Glenn Singleton

01/06/2015 - At this year’s School Trustee Fall Symposium, the “Portrait of Sonoma County” was the backdrop for a presentation by Glenn Singleton, president and founder of the Pacific Education Group and author of Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools. Here are some video excerpts from the presentations.

Brian Vaughn

Portrait of Sonoma County (16:50) | Nov 2014 Brian Vaughn, a representative of the Sonoma County Health Services department, gave an overview of the “Portrait of Sonoma County,” a human development status report that was commissioned in 2014. —Presentation Slides (pdf)


Glenn Singleton

Courageous Conversations About Race (13:07) | Nov 2014 Glenn Singleton’s premise is that race, more than income, determines student achievement. He believes that educators must learn to talk about race in order to close the gaps that were evident in the county’s Portrait.