Sonoma County Office of Education

Finalists for classified employee awards

04/20/2017 -

The Sonoma County finalists for the statewide Classified School Employee of the Year (CSEY) program were announced yesterday at a reception held at the Sonoma County Office of Education. These school employees were nominated by their districts for the important roles they play in creating and maintaining positive school environments for the students of Sonoma County. They received extensive praise from supervisors and colleagues.

Mark Magnussen Mark Magnussen | Sonoma Valley Unified School District | Maintenance Technician
“Mark is attentive and knowledgeable in the plumbing area. He is always willing to speak up and make difficult calls. Mark is also willing to learn new things and step up and help anyone who needs it.” —Tony Albini, Maintenance Manager

Jennifer Collins Jennifer Collins | Helen Lehman Elementary School | Instructional Material Technician
“Jennifer is a goal oriented self starter and shows perseverance when the going gets tough. Her computer and technical knowledge are incredible. […] She is a kind, caring individual who puts our students’ needs first. She is the definition of a team player.” —Alisa Haley, Principal

Neal McKenzie Neal McKenzie | SCOE Visually Impaired Program | Assistive Tech Specialist
“Neal is engaging and much loved by the VI students. [..] He has an enthusiasm, kindness, and intelligence that make him a wonderful co-worker and teacher.” —Chelsea Siegel, Administrator

TurpinGary Turpin | Sonoma Valley Unified School District | School Bus Driver
“Gary is 100% committed to his job. […] He is the first person to jump in and volunteer to do what is needed, whether it is doing a last-minute trip or helping out when there is an issue.” –Stacy Ledou, Transportation Manager

Lourdes Pulido | Sonoma Valley Unified School District | Kitchen Manager at Altimira Middle School
“Each day of the week, the staff under Lourdes’s supervision creates a scratch-cooked item with rave student and staff reviews. She is a dedicated employee and comes to work with a good attitude.” —Cody Williams, Food & Nutrition Manager

Linda Patterson | Sonoma Valley High School | Student Welfare and Attendance Worker
“Linda’s work ethic and positive attitude are evident from the moment she arrives to work. […] She helps her co-workers when needed without question and always knows what needs to be done.” —Kathleen Hawing, Principal

Sonoma County’s finalists were selected by a judging panel and will advance to the state awards program. State-level award winners will be announced at the end of April.

CSEY Winners 2017