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Graduation Resources and a Message from the County Superintendent

05/26/2017 - Graduation Pic

A message from County Superintendent Steve Herrington

I’d like to take a moment to salute the roughly 4,500 students who will be receiving their high school diplomas in the weeks to come. This major life milestone is a testament to their hard work and perseverance. It’s also thanks to the support of teachers, school administrators, and of course, family.

Graduation marks the end of one journey but the beginning of another. Youths armed with a diploma have a world of possibilities before them. It is fitting for them to want to celebrate this momentous day. However, I’d like to remind graduates to celebrate responsibly. Drinking or doing drugs strongly impacts a teenager’s developing brain—decreasing inhibitions and compromising the judgment and coordination critical to safe driving.

Celebrating without drugs and alcohol is easy and fun, thanks to Project Graduation events held around Sonoma County. These adult-supervised, alcohol-free celebrations ensure that students can have a great time without the risk of becoming intoxicated. They are extremely popular and often last through the night, with dancing, games, music, and more. They are a great way to celebrate without risking the future that students have worked so hard to build.

Steven D. Herrington, Ph.D.
Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools

Graduation Resources