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The SCOE Print Shop fills school and district printing needs at pricing that is below commercial rates. Report cards, letterhead, business forms, newsletters, yearbooks, and fliers are among the many types of print jobs that can be completed for local schools.

The Print Shop is a complete, full-service shop. Printing, binding, folding, and perforating services are provided, in all sizes. Jobs can include collating, stapling, folding, and hole-punching for insertion into binders. Color copying is also available at below commercial rates.

SCOE Print Shop
SCOE Print Shop: Menu of Services

Schools and districts can access these services by issuing a purchase order and submitting it with their job order. Please call ahead to obtain a cost estimate or to discuss the specifics of the job. The Print Shop can be reached at (707) 524-2660 or via email to Brad Halliday,