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SBAC Interim Assessments & Digital Library

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) helps support Common Core State Standards implementation through two optional resources:

  • The Digital Library is an online collection of resources aligned to the Common Core State Standards that support K–12 teachers using formative assessment processes to adjust teaching and improve student learning.
  • Interim Assessments are designed to support teaching and learning throughout the school year. They are flexible and designed to provide actionable feedback for educators.

Interim Assessments

There are two types of Interim Assessments:

  • Interim Comprehensive Assessments (ICAs) are built on the same blueprints as the Summative Assessments and assess the same range of standards. Initially, they are being administered in a fixed-form format, but they’ll change to an adaptive format when more items become available. The ICAs include the same item types and formats as the Summative Assessments, including performance tasks, and yield results on the same vertical scale. The ICAs provide overall scale scores, overall performance level designations, and claim-level information.
  • Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) focus on smaller sets of targets and provide more detailed information for instructional purposes. The blocks are initially available as fixed forms and will build out to include a computer adaptive algorithm when more items become available. The IABs yield overall information for each block.

Key Features

  • Assessments are accessible in grades K–12.
  • At the high school level, the assessments are consistent with the grade 11 summative assessment and can be administered in grades 9, 10, 11, and/or 12.
  • Assessments are optional, not secure, and frequency of use is a local decision.
  • Test items were developed under the same conditions, protocols, and review procedures as those used in the summative assessments.

2017–18 Interim Assessment Block Blueprints

Related Resources

CAASPP Interim Assessment User Guide
This user guide provides guidance on the overall process of interim assessment administration from beginning a test session, to hand scoring student responses, to accessing reports. This PDF manual can be accessed here.

Educator Interim Assessment Previewing
SBAC has created an interface that provides educators with a preview of Interim Assessment Tests. Please note that to log on and view the tests, users need a Test Operations Management System (TOMS) account. This web-based resource is accessed from Test Administrator Resources for Interim Assessments web page.

Digital Library

The Digital Library Fact Sheet (pdf) provides an overview of the Digital Library, the formative assessment process, and features that allow teachers to search for materials that will help inform teaching and learning. This Fact Sheet can be shared with educators, parents/guardians, school board members, and community representatives.

Formative Assessment in Action Video Series
The Formative Assessment in Action Video Series features California members of the Digital Library State Network of Educators (SNE) demonstrating formative assessment strategies in their classrooms.

Professional Learning Series
The Professional Learning Series are collections of resources, primarily located in the Smarter Balanced Digital Library, that connect educators to specific topics intended to develop a progression for learning. Each series establishes learning goals and success criteria for the educator or for a professional learning community. Most of the series resources provide materials for educator use when planning curriculum and instruction. Further details are available on the Professional Learning Series Web page.

Spotlight Webinar and Forum Series
Digital Library Spotlight Webinar and Forum Series are hosted by Smarter Balanced and facilitated by Digital Library resource authors who are national experts and innovative practitioners in a variety of areas such as curriculum, English language development, and special education. During the Webinars and forums, resource authors provide an overview of the resource materials and highlight formative assessment strategies that can be used to support teaching and learning. Further details about the spotlight Webinars and forums are available on the Spotlight Webinar and Forum Series Web page.

Digital Library Access Support
LEA CAASPP coordinators are responsible for registering new users in the Digital Library through the Administration and Registration Tool (ART). A Tip Sheet (DOC) is available to assist with the registration process. Should there be further questions or assistance needed with this process, LEA CAASPP coordinators should contact the Digital Library Help Desk at 1-855-631-1510 or

Digital Library Resources
California Department of Education Digital Library FAQ
Digital Library Login


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