Sonoma County Office of Education

Student Support Services

Health & Well-Being

SCOE supports the following programs and services to assist schools in supporting student health and well-being.

California Healthy Kids Survey
The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) is the largest statewide survey of resiliency, protective factors, and risk behaviors in the nation. SCOE staff assist with coordinating, analyzing, and distributing the data collected from participating Sonoma County school districts.

California Healthy Kids Survey website
Sonoma County CHKS Results, Elementary 2015-16
Sonoma County CHKS Results, Secondary 2015-16

Debra Sanders,, (707) 524-2661

Project SUCCESS+
Preventing Teen Substance Abuse

Project SUCCESS (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) is a national model that has proven effective in preventing and reducing teen substance use. Project SUCCESS+ is an enhanced version of this program that includes a focus on behavioral health. It is currently in place in selected Sonoma County high schools. SCOE previously coordinated this project, but it now under the direction of the County of Sonoma, Department of Health Services.

Terese Voge,, (707) 565-6682

Regional Mental Health Initiative
The Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative is a statewide program focused on prevention and early identification of mental health issues for students in grades K-12, with emphasis on grades K-8. It is based on a framework of prevention and early intervention strategies for promoting student mental health that encourages schools and their communities to implement programs and services that meet local needs.

SCOE is the North Coast regional lead for the Mental Health Initiative and is working with local elementary schools to build capacity for implementing school-based prevention and early identification strategies, increase school attendance, and implement evidence-based practices such as the Positive Parenting Program and Toolbox Project. Technical support and resources are also available to schools as they work to ensure safe and nurturing school climates.

Regional K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative website

Kathryn Carlsen,, (707) 522-3332

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)
Youth in Sonoma County have decreased tobacco use thanks to the combined efforts of schools, families, and the community. SCOE provides support services to school districts receiving TUPE funds from the state and collaborates with the Coalition for a Tobacco Free Sonoma County to extend these efforts to the community.

Debra Sanders,, (707) 524-2661