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Android Tablets

Android tablets are an emerging area of interest for K-12 schools. They are less expensive than iPads and have some great features and apps for education. Because there are a number of Android Tablet manufacturers with products that have different options, research should be done to find devices that meet a school’s needs.

Five Terrific Apps to Support Number Sense, Grades K-4 | Link
Number sense is key to the development of mathematical skills in the early grades. To complement the counting and sorting activities that traditionally support early number sense learning, teachers can employ technology to guide and enhance skill development. This blog post highlights five terrific apps that promote number sense among students in grades K-4.

Amazing Augmented Reality Apps | Link
Augmented reality is being applied in a number of different educational tablet applications. What is augmented reality? It is the direct or indirect view of the physical world with elements that are supplemented by computer-generated sensory input through sound, video, graphics, or GPS data. This blog post shares information on five augmented reality apps that K-12 schools can use with either iOS or Android tablets.

Research Resources
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Kathy Shrock’s Bloomin Apps


SCOE now has a class set of Nexus 7 tablets in the try-before-you-buy program. Sonoma County educators interested in seeing how the Nexus 7 tablets work in their classrooms can arrange to spend a week with the devices. To learn more, contact:

  • Rick Phelan, Director, Technology for Learners
    (707) 524-2847,