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Getting Started
Creating/Submitting a Class
Accessing Current Classes and Rosters
Registering a Participant
Participant Cancellations and Refunds
Class Cancellations
Printing Sign-in Sheets and Nametags
Sending Emails Via Registration System
How to Export Registration Data to Excel
Additional Resources and Templates

Getting Started

Layout of screens

Once you are logged in to, you will be at your Home screen. As you navigate through the system, you can easily return to your Home screen by clicking Home on the left side of the page. To move through the different areas of the system, click on the key words under the top colored band (Classes, Payments, Registration Codes, etc.) On click, you will see the full list of all items in that section.

To perform a function within one of the sections, click on the name of the section (e.g. Classes), then select the Create, List, or Search button on the top colored bar. At the left side of the page are some additional links. You can use these to return to Home, go to the public view of the SCOE website, or access help resources. You’ll also see two boxes that allow you to quickly search for a Class or a User (a.k.a. Participant).

To log out of the system, click on your name on the colored bar and select Logout.

Image of home button and navigation tabs

Creating and Submitting a Class for the Website

Creating a new class

Select the Classes link, then select the Create button on the colored bar. Complete the form describing your class and submit. All fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. If the class is free, you can put n/a in the budget code field. If you are in ESS and creating a Mosaic class, be sure to check the Mosaic button at the bottom of the page.

Class Create

To copy a previous class, you will “clone” it, then edit the details to create a new listing. Here’s how: Select the Classes link, then the Search button. Enter a search parameter – for example, a word from the title – and submit. (You don’t have to fill in all the fields.) From the list that’s returned, click on the title of the class you’re looking for. Select the Clone button, then make your edits and submit.

1. Class Search 2. Class-Create Button

Parent/child classes

Parent/child classes refer to a set-up where multiple classes are connected, as in a series. One class serves as the master, or parent, class, while any others are connected to the parent as child classes. This arrangement allows participants to register for an entire series at once through the parent class, or for individual (child) classes.

  1. Begin by creating a parent class.
    • Description field: explain that this is a series and that individuals can sign up for the entire series on this page, and that they can sign up for single classes by clicking the links below (links will show up automatically once classes are connected to the parent class as child classes.)
    • Date field: enter the start date for the series. In the Full Date field, enter the date range for the entire series.
    • Price field: enter the price for the entire series since that is what people will be registering for on this page. In the Price Note field, explain that this is the price for the full series.
    • Registration Close and Expire fields: should correspond with the end of the entire series.
  2. Then create the child classes
    • You can begin by cloning the parent class and editing fields as appropriate.
    • Description field: explain that this is one class in a series. You may want to provide more information on how they can register for the entire series at once, particularly if there is a discounted rate.
    • Date field: enter the date for this specific class in the series.
    • Price field: enter the price for the single class.
    • Registration close and expire fields: enter dates specific to this class.
  3. After you have created and submitted the child classes, you can link them to the parent class using the following steps:
    • Return to the parent class by finding it in the list of classes you manage on your registration home page (
    • At the top of the page under the green ribbon, you will see a number of grey buttons to choose from. Choose Manage Child Classes.
    • This takes you to a window where you can search for your child classes. The easiest way to search is by class name. Select the box for the classes you want to add as child classes, then click Add. Your classes should now be connected as child classes.
  4. As a final step, be sure to add a note to the webmaster that this is a parent/child class setup, so that the webmaster can check to be sure everything is set up properly.

Multi-Session Events

Multi-session events refer to a setup where one class has multiple sessions. This differs from a parent/child setup in that registrants are register for just one class but are expected to attend all the sessions. There is no option to register for individual classes.

To create a multi-session class, take the following steps:

  1. Create a class.
  2. Description: In the description field, consider explaining that the class has multiple mandatory sessions.You can list the dates of the session here if you like.
  3. Date field: enter the day of the first class in the date field. In the Full Date field, you can list the dates of the other sessions.
  4. All other fields can be filled out as they would with any other class.
  5. After you've created and submitted your class, open it again by locating it in your list of classes at your registration home page (
  6. Under the green ribbon at the top of the page, you will see a number of action buttons. Choose the Calendar Sessions button.
  7. A window with a calendar will come up. Simply select the dates of your sessions and hit submit.
  8. This action will take you back to your class page, where you can now see the sessions listed as Sessions Scheduled for this Class. You can click on the links to the individual sessions to edit start and end time, provide other information, and track attendance.

Change quantity feature

Info to Come

Pricing and Discounts

If you are considering a complex pricing scheme for a class, discuss the logistics with your department specialist or the help desk to see if the system can handle it. Please do this before you advertise the pricing as it may be necessary to make adjustments.

To submit a class, you may choose either “draft” or “pending.” Draft will allow you to save your changes without submitting the class for approval. Once you are ready to submit the class for approval, you will need to choose the pending button and hit submit again.

Upon completion, a notification will be sent to the webmaster to approve the class for display on the SCOE website. If you have questions, please submit them in the Comments to Webmaster box.

Accessing Current Classes and Rosters

Your current classes are listed below your name on your home page. To view a class, click on the class title. At the top of the Class page are buttons for the various tasks that you can complete. The class description is below the buttons, followed by the class roster. Everything is now on the same page.

The class roster defaults to a view showing 10 participants. You can show more entries or move through the pages one by one using the buttons provided above the roster.

The Search box above the class roster is really helpful. It will search any word or phrase in the roster table. You can search for a person, school, or district. You can also search for pending orders.

Enrollment Report by Topic Area

You can now view an enrollment report by Topic Area. On the Topic Area List, click on the Record ID number to go to the report for that category. Classes are listed in start date order.

Registering a Participant

Important! Don’t register participants from the public pages of the SCOE website. Log in to the management section of the online registration system and register them as described below.

To register a participant, select the Register Participant(s) button. You can register a single person or a school team using this button. Type in the person’s email address, first name, or last name — type in only ONE of the fields, preferably the last name, to ensure that you get the person you’re looking for. Note that you don’t need to type in the full name … so if you’re not sure of the spelling, type a few letters and pick the right person off the list.

If the person is already in the system, their information will come up. Answer the THREE questions in RED. Scroll to the bottom of the form and submit. If the person is not in the system, you’ll need to complete a form with their information. Please fill out as many of the fields as you can. Note that only the fields with asterisks are required. Don’t forget to answer the three questions in red.

If it is a team registration, you’ll need to enter each team member’s name, school, and email address.

If payment is required, the next screen requires you to indicate how payment will be made. If you are registering someone who is not required to pay, enter a negative amount in the adjustment field.

An automatic confirmation email is sent to the individual you register or, in the case of the team order, the contact for the order.

If someone you’re registering doesn’t have an email, enter their first initial and last name @nomail in the email field. For example, jsmith@nomail.

If you are unable to find a solution to a registration problem, please register the person yourself (as described above) or forward the call to 524-2936.

Participant Cancellations and Refunds

Before removing a participant, check to see if payment has been made and a refund is required. If the refund is required, then use the cover form to request the refund from business.

How to remove single registration

info to come

How to remove someone from group registration

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Refund process

info to come

Payment application process

info to come

Closing or Cancelling a Class

To close or cancel a class, navigate to the class and select the “Edit Class” button. At the bottom of the Description field, add a note saying that the class is closed or canceled. For example: “Sorry, this class is full and online registrations are no longer being accepted.” … or … “Sorry, this class has been canceled.”

If you are canceling a class, please add “Class Canceled” at the end of the Date Text field.

Next, scroll down to the Registration Close Date. Change the date to a date that is already past. For example, if today is September 16, 2008, change the date to 09/15/2008.

In the Comments to Webmaster box, please indicate that the class is closed or canceled.

This change is implemented as soon as you Submit it and the class will be unavailable for further registrations.

Printing sign-in sheets, name tags, etc.

To access a generic sign-in sheet, click on the name of the class in the Sessions Scheduled for this Class section above the class roster, then click the Print Attendance Sheet button. You can also use the sign-in sheet template that is available by clicking the Help link on the upper-left side of the page. This template is a Word document that can be used with the Export to Excel document from your class roster. Other Word templates for mail merge are also available on the Help page, including two different templates for name tags.

Sending emails via registration system

Use the boxes at the left side of each name to select the individuals you want to email or export. To select all the names, check the box at the very top of the list. This will select all names, even the ones that are not visible. Scroll to the bottom of the list and use the Email Selected or Export Selected button and follow the prompts provided.

How to export registration data to excel

more information to come

Additional Resources and Templates

The following Word documents are available for merging with the Export to Excel file from your classes.


Contact Bob Herbstman in IT with problems creating classes or registering participants: Email

Contact Jamie Hansen in Administration to ask about class approvals or discuss registration system changes