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County Board of Education

The Sonoma County Board of Education is comprised of five elected representatives from trustee areas that roughly correspond to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisor districts. The Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools serves as the ex-officio secretary to the County Board.

Gina Cuclis
Area 1 | Gina Cuclis
Southeast section of the county
Elected 2012 | Term expires 2020
Peter Kostas
Area 2 | Peter Kostas
Southwest section of the county
Elected 2014 | Term expires 2018
Image Andrew Leonard
Area 3 | Andrew Leonard
Central section of the county
Apptd. 2015 | Term expires 2020
Lisa Wittke Schaffner
Area 4 | Lisa Wittke Schaffner
Northeast section of the county
Elected 2012 | Term expires 2018
Herman G. Hernandez
Area 5 | Herman G. Hernandez
Northwest section of the county
Elected 2014 | Term expires 2020

Board News

In December 2016, the board chose its new president: Peter Kostas. Herman G. Hernandez is now the board's vice president.

Board Meetings

All board actions take place in public session to give interested and concerned citizens and groups an opportunity to be heard. Regular meetings of the Sonoma County Board of Education are typically held at 3:00pm on the first Thursday of each month at the Sonoma County Office of Education, 5340 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa. Get directions

Board Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes | See Agenda Online

Standing Committees

The Sonoma County Board of Education has three standing committees.

Business & Personnel Services

This committee's agendas and minutes are now available on Agenda Online. Previous agendas and minutes are listed below.

08/07/2014Agenda | Minutes
09/16/2014Agenda | Minutes
10/27/2014Agenda | Minutes
11/24/2014Agenda | Minutes
01/26/2015Agenda | Minutes
02/26/2015Agenda | Minutes
03/19/2015Agenda | Minutes
04/16/2015Agenda | Minutes
05/28/2015Agenda | Minutes
06/25/2015Agenda | Minutes
08/06/2015Agenda | Minutes
09/23/2015Agenda | Minutes
10/15/2015Agenda | Minutes
12/01/2015Agenda | Minutes
02/19/2016Agenda | Minutes
03/08/2016Agenda | Minutes
04/14/2016Agenda | Minutes
05/17/2016Agenda | Minutes
06/14/2016Agenda | Minutes
08/16/2016Agenda | Minutes
09/13/2016Agenda | Minutes
11/29/2016Agenda | Minutes
02/21/2017Agenda | Minutes

Governance & Policy
01/19/2016Agenda | Minutes
03/22/2016Agenda | Minutes
04/19/2016Agenda | Minutes
08/16/2016Agenda | Minutes
09/16/2016 | Minutes
09/20/2016Agenda | Minutes
11/01/2016Agenda | Minutes
11/15/2016 | Minutes
01/17/2017Agenda | Minutes
Archived Agendas and Minutes (zipped files): 2014 | 2015
Instructional Services & Community
09/16/2015Agenda | Minutes
01/20/2016Agenda | Minutes
03/07/2016Agenda | Minutes
05/02/2016Agenda | Minutes
10/03/2016Agenda | Minutes
01/09/2017Agenda | Minutes