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An updated version of the Sonoma County Superintendent’s Policy Manual is available online. This is the only version of the Manual that should be consulted for reference. Paper copies and out-of-date PDFs should be discarded. The online Manual is kept up-to-date and you should always refer to the current version to ensure that you have accurate information.

Questions about the Policy Manual should be directed to the County Superintendent’s office at (707) 524-2603.

SCOE Forms

Note on Form Usage
Forms are provided as PDFs unless otherwise noted. If you are having trouble saving information on a PDF form, save the blank form to your desktop first. Close your browser window and open the form on your desktop using Acrobat Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Using Preview is not recommended. In order to maintain a clean master, Save As and rename the form before you fill it in.

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Questions about SCOE forms?
Email or call 524-2620.