Sonoma County Office of Education

Overview of Schools


Sonoma County is divided into 40 school districts for kindergarten through twelfth-grade (K-12) educational services. There are 31 elementary, 3 high school, and 6 unified districts. Unified districts operate both elementary and secondary schools for the students residing within their boundaries.

The county’s school districts vary in size, serving both rural and urban areas. The smallest district in the county, Kashia, is located in a rural area and has about 11 students. The largest district, Santa Rosa City High, enrolls over 11,000 students in the county’s most populous city. For detailed information on school districts and student demographics, click the Education Facts link below.

Enrollment in Sonoma County public schools grew rapidly during the 1990s, but has been decreasing since 2001. In recent years, the countywide drop in enrollment has been increased due to natural disasters and high cost of living.

Education Facts

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