Sonoma County Office of Education


Job Opportunities

Sonoma County public schools employ nearly 8,300 people. About half are teachers. Others include administrators, teaching assistants (also known as para-professionals), and various support staff. Positions that do not require a teaching or administrative credential are known as classified positions.

Employment at SCOE

Job openings are posted online at the EdJoin website

Job listings for the Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) can be found online. To see these or submit job applications online, visit the SCOE section of the statewide EdJoin website.

To request or pick up information

You can request job descriptions and application forms by phone or pick them up in person. For certificated positions, call (707) 524-2677. For classified positions, call (707) 524-2679. The SCOE office is located at 5340 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa. Get directions to SCOE.

To submit an application

Applications for employment may be submitted via the EdJoin website. Online applications are preferred, although paper applications are also accepted by mail, fax (707-524-2950), or in-person. A SCOE application form is required for all paper applications. Please select: Application Form for Certificated Positions (pdf) or Application Form for Classified Positions (pdf). If you need assistance completing these forms, please contact SCOE HR Analyst Susie Truelove at or 707-524-2677 for help with certificated job applications and HR Analyst Stephanie Sarris at or 707-524-2677 for help with classified job applications.

Applications are always due in the Human Resources office by 4:30pm on the closing date for the position. A postmark is NOT sufficient to meet this deadline.

To apply for substitute teaching at SCOE

Please see the Substitute Teaching in SCOE Classrooms webpage.

SCOE hiring process

  1. A paper screening panel reviews the materials submitted by each applicant and decides which candidates qualify. Top candidates from this paper screening are asked to participate in an oral exam.
  2. Candidates are contacted for the oral exam and applicants not passing paper screening are notified in writing.
  3. Classified: Those who do well in the oral exam are placed on the employment list. Candidates must pass both the paper screening and the oral exam to be included. Certificated: Employment lists are not created for certificated position openings.
  4. The hiring manager interviews the top three candidates and conducts reference checks.
  5. The hiring manager recommends a specific candidate to the head of the division. If approved, the candidate’s name is forwarded to Human Resources and the position is offered to the candidate.
  6. Fingerprint and TB clearance are completed and, when required, a physical exam is obtained.
  7. Once a job offer has been made and a candidate completes all clearance, he/she begins work.

Employment in Sonoma County Schools

Sonoma County’s 40 school districts are independent of the Sonoma County Office of Education. Each district has its own application and selection procedures. Each does its own recruiting and hiring, for both certificated and classified positions.

For job openings in Sonoma County’s elementary and secondary school districts, please contact the district offices directly. SCOE’s online district directory provides easy access to the addresses, phone numbers, and Web addresses for all 40 local districts. Note that some districts post job openings and support an online application process on their own websites. The statewide EdJoin website also includes job postings for many Sonoma County school districts.

To apply for substitute teaching at district sites

Please see this information regarding Substitute Teaching at District Sites.

Other Employment Resources

  • STRS Retirement Counseling: Call (800) 228-5453 to make an appointment with a STRS counselor at SCOE
  • Proficiency Testing for Assistants: Call (707) 524-2730