Sonoma County Office of Education


Classified Job Descriptions

In education, “classified” positions are non-teaching positions that do not require a teaching and/or administrative credential. At the Sonoma County Office of Education, the terms and conditions of employment for classified staff are largely determined by Merit System and, if applicable, bargaining group agreements.

The job descriptions for active classified positions at the Sonoma County Office of Education are provided below.

Classified | Represented by SEIU

Accounting Specialist I
Accounting Specialist II
Accounting Technician II
Accounting Technician III
Adaptive Equipment Technician
Adaptive Tech Instructional Asst VI
Administrative Program Technician I
Administrative Program Technician II
Administrative Support Secretary III
Administrative Support Secretary IV
Alternative Education Technician
Assistive Technology Specialist
Braillist II/Alternative Media Tech
Career Development Program Driver
Clinical Computer Lab Assistant
Data Control Technician II
Data Control Technician III
Division Support Assistant
Early Education Program Specialist
Foster Youth Services Attendance and Outreach Specialist
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Credentials Clerk
Human Resources Credential Technician
Information Technology Specialist
Information Technology Support Technician
Job Coach/Developer
Lead Custodian
Lead Printing Technician
Library/Media Clerk/Driver
Printing Technician
Program Assistant
Program Specialist Technician I
Program Specialist Technician II
Retirement Technician
School Office Coordinator II
Special Education Technician
Speech & Language Pathologist Assistant

Classified Assistant | Represented by SEIU

Infant/Toddler Caregiver
Interpreter-Translator, Teaching Assistant
LVN/Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistant, Alternative Education
Teaching Assistant, Bilingual
Teaching Assistant, Special Education (Includes Preschool)
Teaching Assistant, Specialized Services
Teaching Assistant, Specialized Itinerant
Teaching Assistant, Speech & Language
Teaching Assistant, Student Accountability Specialist
Teaching Assistant, Transition
Teaching Assistant, Visually Impaired

Classified Confidential

Administrative Assistant
Department Accounting Coordinator
Executive Administrative Assistant
Legal Accounting Coordinator
Legal Receptionist
Legal Secretary
Paralegal Specialist
Position Control/Functional Services Liaison
Agency Outreach Coordinator
Senior Administrative Assistant
System Administrator/Technology Support

Classified Management

Assistant General Counsel
Associate General Counsel
Business Services Specialist
Business Systems Support Analyst
Communications Specialist
Communications Support Technician
CTE Grant Director, Career Pathways Trust
Deputy Superintendent
Director Fiscal Services
Director Information Technology
Director Internal Fiscal Services
Director Operations
Division/Department Administrative Specialist
Educational Audiologist/Administrative Specialist
General Counsel
Information Systems Support Analyst
IT Infrastructure Security Manager
Manager External Fiscal Services
Marriage & Family Therapist
Marriage & Family Therapist Intern (MFT Intern)
NCSOE Registrar-Advisor
Network Administrator
Project Director - CCPC
Regional Program Assistant
Schools Legal Counsel
Senior Associate General Counsel
Special Education Fiscal Analyst


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