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Business Services Resources

Business Services Resources

Manuals, Guides, and Resources

Business Services Procedures Manual
SCOE Internal Fiscal Business Deadline Calendar
SCOE Superintendent's Policy Manual

Escape Guides
Escape Basic Fiscal User Guide
Escape AP User Guide
Escape AR User Guide

Resources for SCOE Department Budget Managers
Fiscal Services Forms
Internal Fiscal Services Calculator Worbook (Payroll, Indirect, JE)
Payroll Rates
SCOE IT Escape Team Newsletter
DBUG Resources

SCOE Vendor Forms

For Independent Contractors / Presenters / Consultants

Departments can share the SCOE Vendor page, found at, with any new or current Vendors (Including Independent Contractors / Presenters / Consultants). The SCOE Vendor page includes information about any required tax and withholding forms.

Forms and Templates

You can find all forms/templates from the Business Services department listed below. A complete listing of all SCOE forms can be found here.

*Business Services Manual
*SCOE's W-9 (Updated January 2024)
Acceptable Use Agreement and Email Request Form
Affidavit for Lost or Missing Receipt
Affidavit to Obtain Duplicate of Lost or Destroyed Check/Warrant
Agreement for Consulting Services (Template Instructions)
Agreement for Consulting Services (Template)
Agreement for Consulting Services - COVID-19 Disclaimer (Template)
Agreement for Consulting Services Under $1,000 (Template)
Agreement for Presenter Services (Template)
Application to Drive for School Functions Form
Billing Request Form
Building Access Request Form
Cal Card Cover Sheet Form (Excel)
Cal Card Cover Sheet Form (Google Sheets)
CalSTRS Retiree Earnings Paid Through Accounts Payable Form
Cash Advance Form
CBI Expenditure Report Form
Certificate of Insurance Request Form
Claim Against Public Entity Form
Classified Summer Assistance (CSESAP) Election Form
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2023 (Excel)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2023 (PDF)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2024 (Excel)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2024 (PDF)
Conference Room Reservation Form
Deposit Request Form (Excel)
Deposit Request Form (Google Sheets)
Employee Request for Reimbursement
Facilities Use Agreement (Long Term)
Facilities Use Agreement (Short Term)
Fixed Equipment Assets Form
Hazard Report Form
Independent Consultant Checklist Form
New Program/ Services Request Form
Petty Cash Disbursement Form
PO Change Request Form
Refund / Adjustment Request Form
Request to Register Personal Property Form
SCOE IRS Tax Status Letter
SCOE Remote Access Guidelines (VPN)
Signature Authorization Form
Supplemental Pay Authorization Form
Travel Advance Form
Vehicle Request Form

Questions About Forms?

Email or call 524-2620.

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