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June 2024 Escape Newsletter

July 2024

SCOE IT/Business Calendar of Events

Frontline ERP - New User HR/Payroll
July 10, 2024 - 9:00am-11:00am
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Frontline ERP - New User Accounts Payable
July 10, 2024 - 1:30pm-3:00pm Click here to register
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SCOE IT is hosting an in-person Frontline ERP - Accounts Payable New User hands on workshop. This workshop is designed for Accounts Payable staff that have been in their positions for under a year. We will cover; Vendor Records, Vendor Requisitions - Order Types, Ap Payments - Payment Transactions, Searching - Search Favorites, Managing list & Data grids, Reports and more.

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Frontline/Escape Learning Opportunities

While no training is currently listed under Upcoming Events for July Coming from Frontline ERP – make sure to keep your eye out for upcoming Frontline ERP Learning opportunities!!

From your Frontline ERP Activity Tree select Online Resources → Learning Opportunities


Frontline ERP Finance

Did you know you can enter FY24 AP Payments after July 1, 2024 (based on district timelines)?

Starting July 1, 2024 the system will default to 2025 {2024/2025}, but you can change it to 2024 {2023/2024} to create a payment for FY24. The system will automatically do the necessary journal entries between the fiscal years. Be sure to create separate payment batches for each Fiscal Year.

  • System will automatically create the Journal Entries for each year
    • FY24: Debit Exp Obj Code/Credit 9529 {Acct Payable Setup Current Year}
      • 9529 ending balance will roll to 9510 beginning balance when beginning balances are posted
      • FY25: Debit 9510 {Accts Payable Prior Year}/Credit 9110 {Cash}
  • Based on activity permissions
  • Be sure to follow District practices and procedures
  • Dates for Current Year Payments are set in the Organization Record

Go to Finance → AP → Payment Type

Starting July 1, 2024 AP Payments can be processed by Payment Types as usual using the 2024 {2023/2024} Fiscal Year:

  • Enter Payments
  • Enter Direct Payments
  • Enter Employee Payments
  • Payment Transactions
      Allows all payment types to be entered in a batch format
    • Import template available in Online Resources
  • Payments

Did you know FY24 AR Receipts can be entered to create accruals after July 1, 2024 (based on district timelines)?

Starting July 1, 2024 the system will default to 2025 {2024/2025}, but you can change it to 2024 {2023/2024} to make entries in Enter AR Receipts or Receipt Transactions to create accruals. This will create the necessary journal entries without going to the Year End Closing activity until final close. Do not combine Fiscal Years in a batch.

AR Receipts can be processed using:

  • Enter AR Receipts
  • Receipt Transactions
    • Receipt Transactions are all types of deposits in batch format
    • Import template available in Online Resources



Frontline ERP HR/Payroll

Are your Benefits set up to annualize? If your district is making manual adjustments to True-Up for the Summer Premium/s then the answer is no.

Example: Benefits are not Annualized

  • The system uses a simple calculation each month to determine the Summer Bucket
    • Monthly Premium divided by number of Pay Cycles
    • Summer Bucket does not equal Previous July Premium or Future July Premium
    • Manual Adjustment will need to be done to true-up


Example: Benefits are Annualized

  • System uses an Annualization calculation to determine the Summer Bucket
    • System setup determines which summer premiums are being paid - Prior or Future
    • Premium/s are divided by Pay Cycles
    • Summer Bucket will equal to Prior July Premium or Future July Premium (depending on setup)