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Danielle Boettner, Angie Duplicki, Tracy Lehmann, Marisol Vigil - Business Systems Support

SCOE IT/Business Calendar of Events

Add the SCOE IT/Business Calendar to your personal Google calendar and be sure not to miss a SCOE deadline or Escape Training. From the Escape Activity Tree go to SCOE Resources - Calendar. From the opened calendar link, click on the Google Calendar icon button to add.

10/13/23 - Escape AP/AR User Group - 9:00 am - 11:00 am  This is an in person user group. We will have a meet and greet portion 9:00-9:15am, with an open discussion with your topics to follow. This is your chance to meet with colleagues in similar positions.Please join us at SCOE in the Redwood C. We look forward to seeing you all!
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10/19/2023 - Interim Workshop with the SCOE Fiscal Advisors   Registration is not required. More information from the Advisors to follow!

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Frontline/Escape Learning Opportunities

10/11/2023 - Release Review 23.03 - 9:00 am - FREE   Join us to review the update to the ERP CA software! The agenda is TBD and will be updated prior to the event.
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10/12/2023 - Interim Budget 9:00 am - 10:00 am - FREE   Please join us to review the developing, submitting, and posting of the interim budget. The agenda will include loading and editing budget data and running helpful reports.
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11/09/2023 - 1099 Preparation 9:00 am - 10:00 am - FREE   Based on customer request, we have split the 1099 process into 2 webinars. In this first webinar, we review the required setup for 1099 processing, as well as prepare for generating. Reviewing the list, adding vendors, and running reports.
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Helpful Reports in Escape



Cred05 - County Holders with Expiring Credential Report

Need to keep an eye on expiring credentials? The Cred05 is a great way to monitor staff and their credential expiration dates. This report lists all credential holders of expiring credentials. The report has an option to limit expiring credentials by date range and to those holders having an assignment active after the credential expires.


ReqPay20 - Use Tax Report

This comprehensive use-tax report displays all journal entries referencing a requisition or check that contains tax liability items. It displays the totals (or detail) for expense accounts of the journal entries within the specified transaction date range that have line items with the sales tax objects and reference the requested payees.

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Report Favorites

Report Favorites Curious about other users' report favorites? You can find these in Report Favorites. This is available in HR/Payroll and Finance models. Search by the user's first initial and last name. From the list open the report to review. If you like it, save it as your own Favorite report parameters. Be sure to mark it as public so other users can search for your great reports. For steps to create Favorites and Schedule Reports click here.

Employee Portal

With the W2 season quickly approaching, now is a good time to remind employees about the Employee Portal. Employees can easily access their W2 and paystub via the employee portal!

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You may have new employees that worked in another District in Sonoma County; they can have access to multiple Districts in the Employee Portal:
Employee Portal Multi District or Change in District Set Up (pdf)