Sonoma County Office of Education

County Board of Education

County Board of Education

The Sonoma County Board of Education is comprised of five elected representatives from trustee areas that roughly correspond to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisor districts. The Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools serves as the ex-officio secretary to the County Board.

Gina Cuclis
          Area 1
Gina Cuclis
Board Vice President
Southeast county
Re-Elected 2020
Term expires 2024

Peter Kostas
          Area 2
Peter Kostas
Board Member
Southwest county
Re-Elected 2022
Term expires 2026

Image Andrew Leonard
          Area 3
Andrew Leonard
Board President
Central county
Re-Elected 2020 |
Term expires 2024

Steve Herrington
          Area 4
Steve Herrington, Ph.D.
Board Member
Northeast county
Elected 2022
Term expires 2026

Herman G. Hernandez
          Area 5
Herman G. Hernandez
Board Member
Northwest county
Re-Elected 2020
Term expires 2024


Contacting Board Members

Board members can be reached via their SCOE email addresses. Their email addresses consist of their first initial, followed by their last name, For example:

Board Meetings

All board actions take place in public session to give interested and concerned citizens and groups an opportunity to be heard. Regular meetings of the Sonoma County Board of Education are typically held at 3:00pm on the first Thursday of each month at the Sonoma County Office of Education, 5340 Skylane Boulevard, Santa Rosa. Get directions

Board Meeting Dates, Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Agendas

2024 Regular Board Meetings:

  • January 11
  • February 1
  • March 7
  • April 4
  • May 2
  • June 27
  • August 1
  • September 5
  • October 10
  • November 7
  • December 13

  • Standing Committees

    The Sonoma County Board of Education has three standing committees:

    • Business & Personnel Services
    • Governance & Policy
    • Instructional Services & Community Partnerships

    Agendas and minutes for each are available at GAMUT Meetings.

    Business & Personnel Services

    The Business & Personnel Services standing committee reviews Sonoma County Office of Education budgets as described under Board Policy 3100(a), the annual audit, and contracts related to activities or programs under the jurisdiction of the County Board. This committee also serves as the audit committee as needed. Specific responsibilities include:

    • Review and set the County Superintendent’s annual compensation package
    • Together with the County Superintendent, establish the process for selection and annually sets the salary of any attorney employed to serve as the Board’s legal counsel
    • Review program budgets as assigned pursuant to Board Policy 3100(a)
    • Recommend the nomination of individuals for the Sonoma County Office of Education Personnel Commission

    Instructional Services & Community Partnerships

    The Instructional Services & Community Partnerships standing committee is concerned with:

    • The operation, review, and evaluation of juvenile court schools, community schools, and county CTE courses
    • The adoption of learning resource materials that support instructional programs and the use of technology in SCOE programs, local school districts, and other educational agencies on a regional basis
    • The review of agreements for services to local school districts in the following areas: curriculum development, library/media services, inservice training as appropriate under existing law, supervision of instruction, pupil personnel services, and health services
    • The review of program budgets as assigned pursuant to Board Policy 3100(a) and other items that fall under the general rubric of Instructional Services and are consistent with state law
    • The promotion of community partnerships to support and enhance public education services and programs

    Governance & Policy

    The Governance & Policy standing committee develops and recommends Board Policies and procedures with respect to the Board’s own governance and develops/reviews County Board goals.

    Proposed revisions to Board Policies are reviewed by the applicable standing committee(s) before they are reviewed by the Governance & Policy committee. After due consideration, the Governance & Policy committee places any non-substantive changes it recommends as consent items on the Board agenda. All substantive policy changes are individually placed on the County Board agenda for review and action by the full County Board.

    Determination as to whether a policy revision is considered ‘substantive’ is left to the discretion of the Governance & Policy committee.

    Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst
    "Everyone at SCOE has the focus that what we do is to support students, directly or indirectly." - Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst