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Attendance Appeals

Inter-District Attendance Appeals
A parent/guardian may appeal the denial of an inter-district attendance permit by a school district to the Sonoma County Board of Education. The County Board will grant or deny an appeal on its merits and will consider the welfare of the student, the impact on the family, and the impact on the school districts involved. An appeal must be filed within 30 calendar days after a district denies an inter-district attendance permit.

District Contact

For questions about this process, please first refer to your school district of residence.

Expulsion Appeals

California law gives educators the responsibility to maintain a moral, educational, and disciplined school environment. To accomplish this, school districts and their schools are authorized to establish disciplinary policies and procedures and school employees have the duty to enforce them. When school rules are violated, there must be consequences; students must be held accountable for their actions. Expulsion is the most serious disciplinary action a school district can impose on a student. A student expelled from school may file an appeal of the expulsion to the Sonoma County Board of Education (Education Code § 48919). The County Board will review the case and determine if the student was provided appropriate due process and a fair hearing. An appeal must be filed within 30 calendar days following the decision of the district governing board to expel.

Expulsion Appeal Packet:

Expulsion Appeal Request for Hearing English 2023 Fillable (pdf)
Expulsion Appeal Request for Hearing Spanish 2023 Fillable (pdf)
Expulsion Handbook English 2023 (pdf)
Expulsion Handbook Spanish 2023 (pdf)


Questions may be directed to:

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