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TitleTopic AreaStart Date
"Be A Teacher" Faculty Collaboratives NCSOE (new) 08/01/2022
"Be A Teacher" Informational Meeting NCSOE (new) 07/01/2022
2022-2023 New CAASPP Coordinator Training Assessment 09/26/2022
2022-23 CMP:NC Administrator Resources and Network Mathematics 09/13/2022
2022-23 Multilingual Learner Collaborative EL Workshops 09/08/2022
Anti-racism & UDL Other Opportunities 09/14/2022
CARE Collective Action Series Other Opportunities 10/11/2022
CARE Collective Action Toolkit Overview Other Opportunities 09/19/2022
Diagnostic Center North: (Part 1 of 2) Data Design and Collection in the Classroom SELPA 09/28/2022
Diagnostic Center North: (Part 2 of 2) Data Design and Collection in the Classroom SELPA 10/17/2022
Diagnostic Center North: For Teachers: Behavior Supports in the Classroom: How to Implement Effective Reinforcement Strategies. SELPA 09/22/2022
Diagnostic Center North: (PART 1) Assessment of Dual Language Learners: An Overview SELPA 08/23/2022
Diagnostic Center North: (PART 2) Assessment of Dual Language Learners: An Overview SELPA 08/25/2022
Diagnostic Center North: Dynamic Assessment: A guide for Speech-Language Pathologists SELPA 11/17/2022
Diagnostic Center North: Introduction to Interoception and Polyvagal Theory SELPA 08/19/2022
Diagnostic Center North: Supporting the Communication of Students Using Augmentative and Alternative Communication SELPA 08/26/2022
Diagnostic Center North: Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Caseload SELPA 08/26/2022
District Coordinator Collaboratives NCSOE (new) 08/01/2022
ELD Standards Institute EL Workshops 09/27/2022
Escape - 2022 1099 Reporting Workshop Escape Training 12/01/2022
Escape - 2022 ACA (Affordable Care Act) Reporting Workshop Escape Training 12/16/2022
Escape - 2022 W2 Reporting Workshop Escape Training 12/09/2022
Escape - Accounts Payable Accruals Year End Setup Workshop Escape Training 06/14/2023
Escape - Accounts Receivable Accruals Year End Setup Workshop Escape Training 06/14/2023
Escape - Budget Development Workshop for 2023/2024 Escape Training 03/30/2023
Escape - Manual Payroll Training Escape Training 09/09/2022
Escape - Position Control Workshop for Budget Development 2023/2024 Escape Training 03/16/2023
Ethnic Studies Professional Learning Series Other Opportunities 09/13/2022
Foundations for Young Learners: Setting the Stage (encore) UTK/UPK 09/10/2022
Instructional Leadership Academy (Sonoma) 2022-2023 Leadership 09/21/2022
MTSS Workshop Series Other Opportunities 09/15/2022
NCSOE CSTP/TPE-Based Courses NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
NCSOE Mentor Academy Courses NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
NCSOE Professional Learning Sessions NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
NCSOE Program Orientation NCSOE (new) 08/29/2022
NCSOE Program Sharecase NCSOE (new) 04/01/2023
NCSOE Program-Related Courses NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
NCSOE Teacher Induction Cohorts NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program 2022/2023 courses NCSOE (new) 08/13/2022
RICA & TPA Workshop NCSOE (new) 09/01/2022
Science of Reading Series English Language Arts 09/22/2022
SCOE Summer Institute 2022 Other Opportunities 08/02/2022
Sonoma County History/Social Science Teacher Leader Fellowship History / Social Science 09/21/2022
Substitute Orientation (Virtual Offering) - Afternoon Session Other Opportunities 08/23/2022
Substitute Orientation (Virtual Offering) - Afternoon Session Other Opportunities 08/31/2022
Substitute Orientation (Virtual Offering) - Evening Session Other Opportunities 08/16/2022
Substitute Orientation (Virtual Offering) - Registration Limited to Sonoma State University Credential Applicants Only Other Opportunities 08/26/2022
Suicide Prevention: QPR Community Gatekeeper Training Behavioral Health 08/30/2022
Suicide Risk Assessment Practice Group Behavioral Health 09/08/2022
TOSA Collaborative Other Opportunities 10/05/2022
Transformative Social & Emotional Learning Community Of Practice Series Behavioral Health 08/23/2022
Young Learners Teacher Network Transitional Kindergarten 09/13/2022