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Race, Equity, and Social Justice Resources

Social justice, equity, and anti-racism resources

SCOE strongly supports state, county, and school district efforts promote racial justice, confront bias, and foster tolerance. We are committed to collaborating with and amplifying the efforts of the California Department of Education (CDE) and local school districts. 

As a starting point, this page offers resources carefully curated by a group of equity-minded mental health professionals and educators who work for the Sonoma County Office of Education. We invite your thoughts on how schools can help build a more tolerant, just society here in Sonoma County. Please send them to

This year's Spotlight on Sonoma County Schools serves as a call to action for schools in Sonoma County to listen to the voices and perspectives of their diverse students to ensure that their programs and curriculum are helping all students to feel safe and thrive.

Getting Started: For Parents, Educators, and Community Members

If you are looking for a place to get started, either as a parent or educator, we recommend this resource, Talking About Race, from the National Museum of African American History and Culture. It provides engaging, easy to understand guides for parents/caregivers, educators, and community members.

Educator Resources

Legal Framework for Addressing Issues of Social Justice and Equity in California Schools

The following memorandum from School & College Legal Services outlines the legal responsibilities and roles of California schools in addressing social justice and equity. 

Student Voices Forums

In the fall of 2020, SCOE hosted a series of forums featuring the voices of students of color on race, equity, and social justice. School leaders including school board members and school administrators, student leadership groups, and community organizations were invited to join us as we hosted students of color to speak about their experiences in our local schools and their ideas for change toward making schools more equitable.

To further amplify the voices of the students and assist districts in their commitment to making their schools more equitable, SCOE has now developed a Student Voices website and report. These two resources highlight the key insights and takeaways from the forums and provide suggested next steps districts can take toward more equitable schools.

To learn more or access a recording of a past forum, contact

Ethnic Studies Curriculum

If you are interested in adopting an Ethnic Studies curriculum for your district, more information can be found at:


Developing a Diverse Teacher Workforce

North Coast School of Education offers a California Classified School Employees Teacher Credentialing Grant for classified school employees interested in becoming teachers. Learn more about the grant or apply.

Understanding Race and Ethnicity

Resources for White Allies

Ways 2 Equity Playbook

If you’d like to learn about the California Equity Performance and Improvement Program and receive the Ways 2 Equity Playbook, participate in the “Ways 2 Equity” webinar being hosted by the Santa Clara County Office of Education on October 8th from 9:00-10:00am

Registration is at

Additional Resources

Educator Resources to Use with Students

Helpful Tools, Resources, and Apps for Families