Sonoma County Office of Education

Business Services


This department includes internal and external fiscal services, information technology, printing services, and operations. Through its fiscal services unit, it accounts for all K-12 public education funding in Sonoma County. This department:

  • Reviews and approves school district budgets
  • Produces paychecks and expenditure warrants for all districts
  • Runs a countywide schools information technology system
  • Reviews school attendance reports
  • Provides centralized services that allow schools and districts to perform day-to-day business and administrative operations with cost efficiency.

LCAP Plans

Access SCOE-Approved Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) here.

Redevelopment Documents

Information for school districts on the impact of Redevelopment Agency revenue on district budgets
Final RDA Presentation
Redevelopment Study

Statistical Report: Schools of Sonoma County, 2015-16

Each year, SCOE’s staff compile attendance and financial information from all of the county’s school districts and charter schools. Then, staff uses this to produce an annual Statistical Report 2015-16. The report includes:

  • Data related to average daily attendance
  • District attendance trends
  • General fund revenue by district
  • Beginning and ending fund balances
  • Income/expense per average daily attendance

Each year’s report is released 6-8 months after the close of the fiscal year on June 30.