Sonoma County Office of Education

District Fiscal Oversight

SCOE's District Fiscal Oversight department monitors and approves school district budgets; provides LCAP review support along with the Educational Support Services department; reviews interim reports; and provides financial oversight and guidance to school districts. Other services include direct services, workshops, and trainings for districts and charters in collaboration with Information Technology and Educational Support Services.


Questions may be directed to:

  • Katie Anderson, District Fiscal Analyst
  • Cindy Gordon, District Fiscal Management Advisor
  • Sarah Lampenfeld, District Fiscal Management Advisor
    (707) 524-8412,
  • Shelley Stiles, Director, External Fiscal Services
    707-524-2635 ,
  • Bonnie Brown, Admin Operations Specialist
  • Vickie Holden, District Fiscal Analyst
  • Nancy Linder, District Fiscal Management Advisor
    (707) 524-2849,
  • Linda Daugherty, District Fiscal Management Advisor