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School District Organization

School District Organization

Sonoma County Committee on School District Organization

The Sonoma County Committee on School District Organization is responsible for overseeing the reorganization of school districts in the county through territory transfer, district consolidation, and unification. It is empowered to:

  • Create, abolish, or rearrange trustee areas
  • Increase or decrease the number of governing board members
  • Determine alternative methods of electing governing board members
  • Establish or abolish common governing boards
  • Rearrange trustee areas based on the federal decennial census

The County Committee may initiate, coordinate, facilitate, or arbitrate these operations. It may also formulate plans, respond to petitions, conduct public hearings, develop and release information, and analyze proposals related to the organization of Sonoma County school districts.

The County Committee is subject to the legal requirements of the California Education Code and State Board of Education policies and regulations, but has latitude to address each local situation in its own context. The California Department of Education (CDE) provides a Handbook for School District Organization, which details the duties, responsibilities, and processes that must be followed.

Committee Members

The Sonoma County Committee on School District Organization consists of 11 members – two members from each of the five county supervisorial districts and one at-large member. Members are elected to four-year terms by representatives from the governing boards of all the Sonoma County school districts (one vote for each district).

Members must be registered voters and reside within the county supervisorial district they represent. No public school employees may serve on the Committee, but members of school district governing boards may serve.

ELECTIONS:  If you are interested in running in an election for a seat on this committee, you must submit a Letter of Interest by October 1st of each year that has a vacancy or expiring term.  You must reside within that appropriate Supervisorial District to be eligible as a candidate.  If you have any questions about the election process, please contact Lacey Goff at or 707-524-2605. 


County Committee Members as of 1/22/24

District 1: Jeremy Brott – Term expires 2026
District 1: Jeremy De La Torre – Term expires 2027
District 2: Ellen Webster – Term expires 2027
District 2: Russ Wigglesworth – Term expires 2025
District 3: Ed Sheffield – Term expires 2025
District 3: VACANT – Term expires 2026
District 4: Linda Mayberry-Chavez – Term expires 2027
District 4: Cindy Pryor – Term expires 2026
District 5: James DeWilder – Term expires 2024
District 5: Jeanne Bassett Fernandes – Term expires 2025
At Large: Ronald Abler – Term expires 2024

Meetings & Minutes

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

3/7/2022 Public Hearing Notice
2/7/2022 Public Hearing Notice
12/14/2021 Minutes
10/14/2021 Minutes
9/13/2021 Minutes
3/8/2021 Minutes
2/1/2021 Minutes
1/11/21 Minutes
11/9/20 Minutes
3-23-20 Minutes
1/27/20 Minutes
1/6/20 Minutes
1/31/19 Minutes
1/27/20 Minutes
3/19/18 Minutes
1/29/18 Minutes
6/9/17 Minutes
1/23/17 Minutes
12/14/15 Minutes
1/26/15 Minutes
05/14/2012 Minutes
02/21/2012 Minutes
11/07/2011 Minutes
09/12/2011 Minutes
08/08/2011 Minutes
06/13/2011 Minutes
01/10/2011 Minutes
03/22/2010 Minutes
06/08/2009 Minutes
12/08/2008 Minutes

Resource Documents

CDE Handbook for School District Organization
PowerPoint: Brief Outline of Process (ppt) Brief Outline of Process (pdf)

Sample Resolutions and Petitions
City Council/Board of Supervisors Resolution, District Reorganization (docx)
Public Petition, Transfer of Territory (docx)
School District Petition, Reorganization of Two Districts (docx)
School District Resolution, Elementary Unification (docx)
School District Resolution, High School Unification (docx)

Grand Jury Interim Report
Doing Nothing about Education is No Longer an Option, June 2011 (pdf)

Legislative Analyst Report
How Small is Too Small? Analysis of District Consolidation, May 2011 (pdf)

SCOE News Releases and Editorials
Resolution to Decrease Size of County Board of Education, Nov 2011 (pdf)
Complex Process of District Reorganization, Feb 2011


Questions may be directed to:

  • Lacey Goff, Administrative Operations Specialist
    (707) 524-2605,