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March 2024

SCOE IT/Business Calendar of Events

Frontline ERP (Formerly Escape) ― Position Control Workshop for Budget Development 2024/2025
March 14, 2024 - 9:00am-12:00pm Hybrid ― Redwood C and Zoom
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Frontline ERP (Formerly Escape) ― Budget Development Workshop for 2024/2025
March 28, 2024 - 9:00am-12:00pm Hybrid ― Redwood C and Zoom
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Frontline/Escape Learning Opportunities

Register for Frontline Gather: ERP for California User Conference Now!

March 12–13, 2024 | Santa Clara, California

Frontline Gather will include multiple attendance options and a rich selection of informative sessions. This event is designed to reignite the collaboration between HR/Payroll and Finance functions, empowering your district to realize its vision of delivering exceptional education.

To improve your experience, we have created dedicated Beginner and Advanced tracks for HR, Payroll, and Finance. Furthermore, we will be offering a diverse range of session formats, including Thought Leadership, Round Table Discussions, Direct Instruction, and Hands-On Workshops. (Yes, there will be wifi!)

To encourage collaboration, we will have a Frontline Collaboration Center where you can meet 1:1 with Frontline staff or your peers.

Take a break from the day-to-day grind and join us for a chance to collaborate and learn from Frontline ERP experts, other California districts, and County Offices of Education (COEs)!

Frontline ERP (Formerly Escape) ― Employee Management and Assignment Tab Basics
March 20, 2024 ― 9:00am FREE

HR/Payroll ― Review and discuss the recommended setup for the Employee Management Record. Includes Employee Management Date Logic, Assignment Tabs and Payroll
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Escape Position Control Reports

Escape offers many reports for position review. Look at position accounts with assignments and current vacancies. Start reviewing now to get a jump start on the 2024/2025 fiscal year.

FTE recap

Note: FTE Recap on last page of report

Escape ReqPay02 - Requisition Listing

Looking for a report to help stay on top of requisition statuses? Schedule the ReqPay02 - Requisition Listing Report as a Favorite to run monthly.

Go to Finance - Reports - Req/Payment

Enter Search Criteria
Starting Requisition Date: BFY
Ending Requisition Date: EFY
Requisition Status: Use drop down menu

requisition status
req payments

Create Favorite

Click Favorites

  1. Add
  2. Favorite Id
  3. Schedule
  4. Report Format
    1. Attach Report to Email Notification
  5. Apply Change
  6. Save
Manage report favorites

Example Report Output:

example report output

Amie Carter, Sonoma County Superintendent
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