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Superintendent’s Policies

An updated version of the Sonoma County Superintendent’s Policy Manual is available online. This is the only version of the Manual that should be consulted for reference. Paper copies and out-of-date PDFs should be discarded. The online Manual is kept up-to-date and you should always refer to the current version to ensure that you have accurate information.

Questions about the Policy Manual should be directed to the County Superintendent’s office at (707) 524-2603.

SCOE Forms

Note on Form Usage
If you are having trouble saving information on a PDF form, save the blank form to your desktop first. Close your browser window and open the form on your desktop using Acrobat Acrobat or Adobe Reader. In order to maintain a clean master, Save As and rename the form before you fill it in.

Accessibility Notice

SCOE is committed to making its online materials and information accessible to individuals of all abilities. We are working to make all our employee forms and documents fully accessible, and hope to complete this soon. In the meantime, individuals may obtain an alternate, accessible version of the content in these documents by contacting or 707-524-2620 and indicating the name of the document you need assistance with. SCOE staff will respond to your request within two business days.

List by Department 

*Business Services Manual
*SCOE's W-9 (Updated January 2024)
2023-24 Welcome Back English
2023-24 Welcome Back Spanish
2023-24 Work Year Calendar
2023.24 Schedule of Events
2024-25 Work Year Calendar
22-23 Annual Parent Notice
23-24 Annual Notice Eng
23-24 Annual Notification Spanish
23.24 Code of Conduct Eng
23.24 Code of Conduct Sp
23.24 Dress Code English
23.24 Dress Code Spanish
Acceptable Use Agreement and Email Request Form
Admin Support 23.24
Advanced Step Placement Request
Affidavit for Lost or Missing Receipt
Affidavit to Obtain Duplicate of Lost or Destroyed Check/Warrant
Agreement for Consulting Services (Template Instructions)
Agreement for Consulting Services (Template)
Agreement for Consulting Services - COVID-19 Disclaimer (Template)
Agreement for Consulting Services Under $1,000 (Template)
Agreement for Presenter Services (Template)
Application to Drive for School Functions Form
Assignment Request Form
Billing Request Form
Blue Shield Enrollment Form
Building Access Request Form
Cal Card Cover Sheet Form (Excel)
Cal Card Cover Sheet Form (Google Sheets)
CalSTRS Retiree Earnings Paid Through Accounts Payable Form
Cash Advance Form
CBI Expenditure Report Form
Certificate of Insurance Request Form
Claim Against Public Entity Form
Classified Summer Assistance (CSESAP) Election Form
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2023 (Excel)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2023 (PDF)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2024 (Excel)
Conference and Travel Expense Form-2024 (PDF)
Conference Attendance Request Form, Rev. 11/2021
Conference Room Reservation Form
Confidentiality Agreement-Volunteer Form Oct 2020
Deferred Net Pay (10 Month)
Deferred Net Pay (11 Month)
Deposit Request Form (Excel)
Deposit Request Form (Google Sheets)
Employee Injury Report
Employee Request for Reimbursement
Employee Separation Form
Ergonomic Evaluation Form
Extended Leave Request Form
Facilities Use Agreement (Long Term)
Facilities Use Agreement (Short Term)
Filling Vacant Positions
Fixed Equipment Assets Form
Flexible Work Schedule Form
Hazard Report Form
Hotel Tax Waiver Form
In-House Dialing List
Independent Consultant Checklist Form
Interactive Accommodation Process Packet 2017
Kaiser Change Form
Kaiser Enrollment Form
Life Insurance Form
New Program/ Services Request Form
Off Campus Educational Activity Administrative Approval Form
Off-Campus Community-Based Activity Consent Form
Off-Campus Community-Based Activity Consent Form
Off-campus Community-Based Activity Consent Form - Spanish
Off-Campus Consent Walking Form
Off-Campus Consent Walking Form Spanish
Off-campus Educational Activity Administrative Approval Form
Off-Campus Educational Activity Parent Consent Form
Off-Campus Educational Activity Parent Consent Form
Off-Campus Educational Activity Parent Consent Spanish
Off-Campus Walking Activity Form
Orienting Employees to the Appraisal Process Policy
Petty Cash Disbursement Form
Photo Opt Out-English
Photo Opt Out-Spanish
PO Change Request Form
Position Recruitment Request Form
Predesignation Form
Preparing Job Descriptions Procedure
Processing Delay Status Claims Procedure
Providing References Procedure
Providing Substitute, Temporary, and Overtime Pay Policy
Public Meetings
Refund / Adjustment Request Form
Request to Register Personal Property Form
Requesting Leave or Vacation Time Procedure
Requests for Reasonable Accommodation Procedure
Returning to Work with Medical Restrictions Procedure
SCOE Complaint Form
SCOE Complaint Form
SCOE Holiday Calendar 2023-24
SCOE IRS Tax Status Letter
SCOE Matrix of Performance Evaluation Forms
SCOE Remote Access Guidelines (VPN)
Separation From Employment Checklist
Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Signature Authorization Form
Software Order Form
Student Injury Report
Supplemental Pay Authorization Form
Telecommunications Request Form
Test again
Transcript & Diploma Request Form
Transcript and Diploma Request Form
Transcript and/or Diploma Request
Travel Advance Form
Vehicle Request Form
Video-Web Request Form
Work Calendar Change Form

Questions about SCOE forms?
Email or call 524-2620.

Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst
"Everyone at SCOE has the focus that what we do is to support students, directly or indirectly." - Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst