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21st Century Learning

Design Lab

The Sonoma County Office of Education’s Design Lab is a physical reminder of SCOE’s commitment to Maker Education and 21st century teaching and learning. Opened in June 2015, this hands-on lab features digital manufacturing tools including laser cutters, a vinyl cutter, 3D printers, and a 3D CNC carving machine. It operates as a fully functioning Makerspace and multimedia lab and serves as a model for how schools can convert an existing area into a 21st century learning environment focused around making, collaborating, innovating, and creating. One of the first of its kind to be found in a county office of education, it is used by educators and students for professional learning workshops in all content areas grades TK-12.

Using the Lab

The Design Lab’s primary purpose is to provide a space for teachers to gain knowledge, skills, and expertise in the various elements of Maker Education. SCOE offers a number of teacher workshops throughout the year and makes the Design Lab available for drop-in use, as well. A secondary purpose of the Design Lab is for teachers to bring small groups of students (up to 20 at a time in the Design Lab or up to 45 if the adjacent Madrone Lab is available) to complete a specific Maker activity.

Subscription Access

In an effort to streamline the process for teachers to utilize the SCOE Design Lab, take part in after-school maker education classes offered in the Design Lab and adjoining Madrone Computer Lab, and more easily request and receive support from SCOE’s Coordinator for Maker Education, SCOE will offer the following subscription options for Sonoma County districts and schools for the 2017-18 school year:

Click here to access the subscription agreement. To subscribe, submit a signed subscription agreement via email to Dan Blake, Director of Innovation and Partnerships, at

Non-Subscription Access

Schools and districts who do not take part in the subscription program can still access the Design Lab by requesting customized workshops for groups of teachers by completing the SCOE Custom Service Request form available here. Teachers, administrators, and support staff from schools or districts not participating in the subscription program can also participate in Design Lab classes and workshops by paying the individual course fee.

Upcoming Classes

Digital Manufacturing Classes (Click Here to Submit Your Interest).

In a world dominated by an exponential change, students must be equipped with the tools to adapt, create, collaborate and innovate to be successful in careers that might not exist today. The SCOE Design Lab features examples of some of the types of equipment which help to make the distance between an idea in mind to a model in hand shorter than ever before, with unprecedented precision and accuracy at relatively low cost.

Currently, the following Digital Manufacturing classes offered are:

  • SCOE Design Lab Orientation
  • 3D Carver
  • 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter
  • Vinyl Cutter

Digital Manufacturing Classes are available by arrangement for groups between 2 - 6 participants. Classes run between two to three hours in length depending on the number of participants, are generally offered during weekday afternoons, require advance registration, and are included in the Option B of the Design Lab subscription plan. Classes are available to non-subscribers for $40 per session.

Digital Manufacturing Classes are scheduled once minimum class interest levels are met. To submit your interest, please click here to submit an interest form.

All Upcoming Design Lab Classes

Once scheduled, all Design Lab classes will be shown below. If nothing is shown below, there are no upcoming classes.

Equipment Orientation

Lab Instruction Before reserving the digital manufacturing equipment, including the laser cutters, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, and 3D CNC carving machine, users must complete a safety and basic usage orientation course which will include examples of projects and an introduction to the design software for each machine. These two to three hour courses will be scheduled several times throughout the year. Alternate classes, for a minimum of three and maximum of six people, can be arranged by emailing

Design Lab orientation courses are free to teachers, administrators, and support staff from schools or districts participating in Options B or C of the Design Lab Subscription Program. The cost of the course for non-subscribers is $40. Class schedules are available on the SCOE website at


For more information on design-related lesson plans, SCOE's Coordinator for Maker Education, or how to get involved, visit the SCOE maker education web page.