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Blog: The Language Lens: EL Students and Their Families Need to Know

EL Students and Their Families Need to Know

Author: Jenn Guerrero
Published: 03.13.17

“Her son was in fifth grade and he had older siblings and this was the first time anyone had ever talked to her about what reclassification was.”

- 5th grade teacher, reflecting on a parent teacher conference with the parent of an English Learner

As I listened to this very dedicated and passionate educator speak, I began to ask myself -WHY? Why was this the first time the parent had heard this information?

Both English Learners and their parents should be well-equipped with the knowledge and information about their language proficiency status in order to be successful and advocate for themselves and others.

In your setting, how do you ensure that EL students and parents know the following information?

  • What does it mean, and not mean, to be classified as an English Learner?
  • What is the CELDT test and why is it taken?
  • What does the information on the CELDT test tell us?
  • What is the ELPAC?
  • What is Designated ELD?
  • What is reclassification?
  • What happens if an EL is not reclassified by the time they leave elementary school?
  • What is a Long Term English Learner?

When English Learners and their parents fully understand these critical and complex pieces, we are setting the stage for a partnership in the name of student success.  

Blog: The Language Lens

Susie Truelove, SCOE HR Analyst
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