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Blog: Mathematical Identity: We are all Math People

We are all Math People

Author: Josh Deis
Published: 11.10.15

It is becoming ever clearer in the 21st century that we need a mathematical literate citizenry. Yet at the same time, we love to talk about how we are “no good” at math or about how we “hate” math.  We also have this unfounded notion that there is a math gene and you either have it or you don’t.  


I am here to report that we all are math people and what differentiates us is our relationship with mathematics. This relationship is built through our experiences with math.


This is crucial when thinking about math education, because we need to reflect on what type of experiences we are providing for students and what are the ramifications of these experiences on a students math identity.


Jo Boaler, lead thinker and researcher, in mathematical mindsets just released this video with important messages to math students:



I plan on devoting a good portion of my blogging to this important topic.  This space will be less about what students need to be learning content-wise in mathematics and more about how students view themselves mathematically. In the end, this is more important to their math achievement than anything else. 

Blog: Mathematical Identity

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