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Multilingual Learner Leadership Conference

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Teachers, administrators, TOSAs, counselors, specialists, and paraprofessionals are invited to attend SCOE’s annual Multilingual Learner Leadership Conference. Participants will engage with the most current research, tools, and practices needed to ensure that multilingual learners thrive in our school systems. Sessions will be tailored for elementary, secondary, and TK-12.

Morning Learning Block

Morning Keynote

What guides us as educators striving to center equity and antiracism in our practice?
Liz Kleinrock | Antibias and antiracist educator, Author of “Start Here, Start Now: A Guide to Antibias and Antiracist Work in Your School Community” 
Throughout the darkness of the pandemic, our guiding North Star as practitioners has remained steadfast: Center our students who have been the most marginalized. While every learning community is different, we hope to demonstrate that this light extends as a spectrum. There is no "one way" to engage in this work. To be responsive to our students means to constantly reflect on our identities, relationships, resources, and teaching practices. Antibias, antiracism, and diversity, equity, and inclusion have become buzzwords in educational spaces, but what does it mean to put these terms into practice? This keynote offers a framework of antibias and antiracism in education, and a reminder of why this work is more crucial than ever- especially for multilingual learners.

Elementary Focus

Supporting Deep Language Learning in the Elementary Math Classroom
Emily Akinshin | Math Coordinator, SCOE 
Krista McAtee | Love in Education Coach
This session will help educators to develop an essential toolbox of support for their multilingual learners. Participants will experience firsthand what multilingual learners might encounter in the math classroom, while also engaging in a set of powerful math activities that support vocabulary, oral expression, and reading comprehension.

Secondary Focus

Strategies to Engage Multilingual Learners in the Middle and High School Environment
Nicole Ochoa | Work-Based Learning Coach/Teacher on Loan to SCOE
Jerod Brown | ELD and Spanish Teacher, Analy High School
Learn about the essential practices needed to engage multilingual learners in the secondary classroom.  Participants will have an opportunity to practice high-leverage strategies during this session.

TK-12 Focus

Best Practices for Supporting Students who are Undocumented or Newly Arrived
10,000 Degrees
This session will focus on debunking common myths about the undocumented community, discuss laws and policies directly impacting undocumented students & families in California, explore college financial aid opportunities for undocumented students in California, learn how to deliver strength based college going conversations with undocumented students, and share resources to best support your undocumented students & families. 

TK-12 Focus

Scaffolding Antibias and Antiracist Practices Through an Inquiry Lens
Liz Kleinrock
In this session, participants will learn about creating foundations for antibias and antiracism practices in their classrooms and school communities by teaching through an inquiry lens based on student prior knowledge and guiding questions.

Afternoon Learning Block

Afternoon Keynote

What does it take to thrive? Lessons from a Multilingual Expert Panel
Orlando Carreón, PhD
Assistant professor, Educational Leadership, Sonoma State University and expert panel
How do we ensure that multilingual students thrive in our educational spaces? Discussions about language and equity are often regarded as the work of a few language teachers. However, research reveals that linguistic equity is best achieved when it embodies an all-hands-on-deck approach. In this intersectional and intergenerational panel, moderated by Dr. Orlando Carreón, we seek to broaden and deepen our understanding of the challenges and points of leverage when working with multilingual learners.

Elementary Focus

Arts Learning for Multilingual Learners
Kimzin Creative
Join us for a FUN, interactive workshop where we will explore WHY, HOW, and WHAT arts learning looks like for Multilingual Learners. Experiment with culturally relevant arts strategies that lead to increased engagement and impact within your school and classroom.

Secondary Focus

Introduction to Financial Aid and Creating A College Going Mindset
10,000 Degrees
This session will focus on introducing attendees to the Financial Aid Application Process, FAFSA and the CA Dream Act, the application timeline, common scenarios and challenges, the CSS profile, supporting Students who are Undocumented, Homeless, or Foster Youth, Webgrants for Students, and why completing financial aid is important.

TK-12 Focus

Caring for the Caregiver to Support Multilingual Learners
On the Margins
In this session, participants will better understand the symptoms, effects and risk factors of trauma and compassion fatigue in caregivers and how to recognize personal and systemic barriers that contribute to trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout in caregivers. Additionally, they will engage in the creation of a self and collective care plan to support multilingual learners.

TK-12 Focus

Codes of Power, Codes of Honor
Kelly Matteri |  UDL & Instructional Equity Coordinator, SCOE
"Are you willing to reconsider your own power, privilege, and practice to truly honor the students you serve?"   Participants will reflect on their response to this crucial question asked by Andratesha Fritzgerald in her book, Antiracism and UDL: Creating Expressways for Success.  Learn about the codes of power at play in classrooms that uphold an oppressive status quo, as well as how to create a shift in that status quo by enacting new codes - ones that honor the brilliance of multilingual learners.

When Friday, January 20, 2023
8:30am - 3:30pm
Location Teacher Learning Center at SCOE
5340 Skylane Boulevard Santa Rosa, CA 95403
Presenter Please see detailed information above
Cost $175.00
Audience K-12 Admin and Teachers
Registration closes 01/12/2023
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